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  1. ooooooh I like that, one of my favorite colours for an Exige, enjoy : )
  2. I bought an S1 recently and it has the clear light lenses fitted front & back, looks better than the originals & makes for a nice upgrade IMHO, I ain't a fan of the LED's either!
  3. Sim@n

    LitP 2019 help

    I'd be happy to do the same as last year with the Classic Run safety briefing. Also happy to help with setting up, meeting/greeting and anything else come the day : )
  4. Kieran back in the fold, congratulations sir!
  5. Gav at Unit 4 has once again put up an 'A' Service for this year's Lotus in the Peak event, thank you for your support of this club and event.
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  7. A big THANK YOU to Gav at Unit 4. Gav donated an 'A' service (or equivalent for Toyota engined cars) to this years Lotus in the Peak. That makes four years of great support. A thoroughly decent chap who is very well thought of by MLOC members and the wider Lotus community. Thanks Gavin, much appreciated! Simon
  8. A big THANK YOU to Steve from Comfort Controls Ltd. They very kindly sponsored Lotus in the Peak 2015. Steve is an MLOC member and Lotus owner, he joined us for the day and even went on the Sunday morning run. Their sponsorship allowed the event to benefit from organisers shirts, banners, welcome packs and gazebos to which Dean and i felt made a big improvement to this years event. Thank you for supporting MLOC and the Lotus in the Peak! Simon
  9. Jonny I have just sent you an email to the address you have registered on here, its regarding Chatsworth, check your junk mail as its probably found its way in there. Simon
  10. Fish'll be doubly excited seeing you at Chatsworth then Jonny ; )
  11. Thank you for supporting this years event and welcome to MLOC!
  12. Sim@n

    Chatsworth 2013

    © Simon Gregory

  13. Sim@n

    IMG 0127

    © Simon Gregory

  14. Sim@n

    IMG 0180

    © Simon Gregory

  15. Sim@n

    IMG 0129

    © Simon Gregory

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