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  1. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    Thank you and likewise I have S1 Exige envy! Hope to catch up with you next year sometime ; )
  2. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    Thank you all for the lovely comments, I must however give most of the credit to my father, he's done a lot of work to this car, scoured the planet for original parts and almost worn himself out in the process. The basics were there when we bought the car, original engine and transmission, the body is the original it left the factory with and even both doors have the matching body numbers written on the inside of each. The only part of the body we had to replace was the boot lid and we managed to source a used but original panel, oh, the light headlamp pods were replacements but again original parts. We decided to replace the Spyder chassis which turned out to be a wise move, according to Chris Foulds the Spyder chassis is too stiff compared with an original design and to the classic Lotus guys a Lotus chassis is a must, particularly when you want to sell the car. Thank you Dave for the images, made me chuckle seeing them, I'd forgotten just how bad she looked! It's a keeper Mark and thanks, she's turned out a real beauty. The car has been off the road since 1976 but it won't be long before she's out and about burning rubber on those twisty Derbyshire roads! Thanks again everyone!
  3. 1966 Elan S3 DHC SE

    Who remembers the old 'barn find' Lotus Elan that me and my father took to LitP three years ago? She looked like this.... After three years of work she's finally back on the road after having had a full nut and bolt re-build. The plan was to take the original matching numbers car painstakingly back to its original specification as supplied when new. Some of the works carried out includes the fitting a new original specification Lotus chassis, the body having been removed, fully restored and repainted in the original Lotus Cirrus white, a major overhaul of the engine, transmission, suspension, electrics, braking and fueling systems has been carried out. The interior has been fully re-trimmed by Allon White to original specification and a new convertible roof has just been fitted. The car is currently with Chris Foulds Lotus who are detailing the car mechanically and working their way through the snagging list. They've had the car for four days and with some luck should be complete and home before the year is out. Here's what she looks like now... Roll on Spring!
  4. Lotus Number 4...

    Oh I like that & the colour is fab, time for a new t-shirt? ; )
  5. Evora Specialised Indoor Car Cover

    Ooooooh that's nice Phil ; )
  6. McLaren Film

    The film was a great watch, thanks for the heads up Hartley ; )
  7. McLaren Film

    I booked tickets for this last night, anyone else going?
  8. Club Lotus meet Baslow on Wednesday

    7-30 at the Wheatsheaf Pub, there should be a good turn-out tonight. Anyone else popping along?
  9. Newbie checking in.

    Was it at Chatsworth last year? I remember talking with the owner, stunning if it is : ) Welcome to MLOC
  10. Just read this on BBC new website... The purchase is part of a deal by Geeley to buy a 49.9% stake in Malaysian carmaker Proton. Geeley, which also owns the London Taxi Company and Volvo Car Group, will take a 51% stake in Lotus... Mmmmm
  11. Hello All

    Welcome to MLOC, lots of us will recommend Gav at Unit 4, he's a top bloke!
  12. Your best MLOC memory so far

    For me I'd have to say the Lotus Factory tour 5 years ago organised by Chris, I was a newbie who knew nobody, I was made to feel very welcome by the MLOC masses, the drive down was epic and a great day was had by all. Fish was an absolute diamond. Or, having said that, Dean and Marie having organised the first LitP on the day of my 40th Birthday, it made my 40th a very memorable occasion even down to Scatty putting a 40th birthday banner across my windscreen. And, finally, I wasn't witness to it at the time but as pointed out by Mutley and Dean, my dad accosting the Duchess assuming she was a caterer, class. Overall though, the LitP events having taken place since, absolutely cracking, the occasional Sunday morning breakfasts at Hassop Station and of course the Fish meets, most of all the beautiful MLOC members!
  13. Elise S2

    Welcome to MLOC Graham! Good seeing you earlier, keep popping on here and if you have any questions regarding cars you're looking at post them up here. Good luck with your search.
  14. Just wanted to say hi all

    Welcome to MLOC Ian, keep an eye out for Sunday morning runs out in Derbyshire, always an early start but quiet roads and we stop at Hassop Station just outside Bakewell for breakfast after, always a good crack!
  15. Number 5

    ooooh that's nice Alex, what's next a V6 ; )