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  1. Lotus Number 4...

    That really is lovely. Got the same colour combo on my M140 and I dare say if I'm ever in the position to upgrade my Lotus it's likely to be to a matching V6 Exige! Enjoy!
  2. AD08R tyres - where from?

    I recently got a set for my S2 and Camskill were the cheapest but Demon Tweeks weren't far behind. Only 1 version offered in S2 sizes but availablity for all can be a bit hit and miss as they aren't in constant production so if you need them urgently it might be more a case of who's got stock.. Sent from my Lenovo S5000-F using Tapatalk
  3. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    Bad luck too it seems, glad to hear your daughter was ok though. I keep telling myself I should count myself lucky I was ok in the m140 bump as it was a huge foreign articulated truck which hit me but it doesn't make me feel any better about it.. He was the one at fault as he was in the left lane marked exit only on a roundabout but decided to try and go all the way round the roundabout on the outside! The insurer is struggling to recover the money from the foreign insurer too so I stand to lose my £500 excess even though the insurer has it as a non-fault claim on my part. Bmw charged £5.5k for the repair to my car! They've now had it 6 weeks in total so if it's still not right when they send it back this second time I'm going to be furious. I ordered it to my perfect spec and bought it as a keeper but now just 6 months into ownership it's really lost it's shine. I'm particularly fussy about bodywork (as I suspect most enthusiasts are) so if I'm not 100% happy I'm not sure I'll be able to keep it. Fingers crossed they'll do a better job this time and it won't come to that.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. New Daily.....it's rapid ;)

    Another Lotus / M135i owner here! The little beemer really is a great all rounder and makes a superb daily driver, nicely compliments the Elise. I'm on my second now (M140 this time) but sadly have also had bad luck with accident damage (on both!) First one on the m135 in a car park (almost identical to the one above) and the latest on my new m140. Gutted Just sods law isn't it after years of driving company cars without so much as scratch and as soon as I buy a new car with my own hard-earned everybody wants to drive into it! M140 is with BMW at the moment being repaired. They've already done it once and I rejected it, not happy with the colour match and panel fit.
  5. Induction Kits

    If your car is Toyota powered the TRD airbox is all you ever need Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ultimax Turbo Discs And Yellow Stud Pads ?

    Just for the record as Martin asked me offline which Ferodo pads I was using and the refs are FDB1282 for the fronts & FDB1560 for the rears. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Ultimax Turbo Discs And Yellow Stud Pads ?

    I've got the ebc grooved discs on my 111r with standard Ferodo pads (shock horror no fancy pads on an Elise!) I pedal as hard as anyone else on the road and couldn't be happier with them. Never suffered fade and feel is great. I honestly think unless you're doing circuit work anything more than good quality standard pads is a waste of money. Speaking to Ollie at Phoenix I think he's of the same opinion too.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk