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  1. Fiona

    Lotus Factory Tour

    Went to Hethel yesterday with some chaps on here to attend the factory tour in the pm and the Classic Team Lotus tour in the evening. A great day so I thought I'd post up my experiences for others. I realise this is VERY long so I'll do the Classic Team Lotus one seperate. Sorry if I go on a bit. Arrived at Hethel, deposited all cameras at the gate and went into reception to start the tour. We were taken round by the Manufacturing Supervisor, Colin (not Chapman but can't remember his second name). A very knowledgeable chap who obviously was proud of the work his team did. You ente
  2. Fiona

    Classic Team Lotus Tour

    Classic Team Lotus is situated in the original workshop buildings at Hethel just to the right as you approach the main gate. Our party of 11 is joined by 5 others. We are given an introductory talk by Clive Chapman on the goal of Team Lotus. Basically, they maintain and run the formula cars to preserve the heritage. They receive no financial support from Lotus Cars so they rely on money from race meets, shows and patrons who would like to drive their cars. They've currently got 8 cars in the workshop in various states of repair and build. We're taken through and shown a short
  3. 47 downloads

    Routes and directions
  4. Nice work! You really are motoring along.
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