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  1. Glad you've got it sorted Ray. Sounds like Central came up trumps cheers chris
  2. Welcome if I was to buy a "new" Elise I think it would be one of these in that colour. Absolutely stunning!
  3. Good luck with the move Murray, and I hope it all works out for you and the family. It's been a pleasure to know you over the last few years, and you will be genuinely missed in this club. Don't be a stranger!
  4. Hope you had a good one Dean
  5. Happy birthday mate
  6. #3

    Lovely And answers the question of who's orange v6 i saw in bridgford a couple of weeks ago!
  7. You have a PM
  8. Simon, one of my dad's mates has an atom which he tracks a fair bit. If you are interested I can see if I can get his contact details for you if you have any questions. No worries if not, I know there is a wealth of info available through Google and forums!
  9. Sounds like a great trip Simon. On reflection, did you prefer this year or last year? Not that i'm likely to get a pass for this kind of trip for a few years yet, but its always good to have some ideas lined up for when the time comes!
  10. That looks great.
  11. Welcome to the club. Take it steady in the wet and I'm sure you'll be fine. It sounds like you intend to use it primarily as a road car, but getting it on track is the best way to find out what the car does in different situations in my opinion. It's brilliant fun too! They are amazingly capable cars. I'm sure you'll love it!