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  1. 2 hours ago, l10tsd said:

    Well as ive a bit of time on my hands i went to dig out the S1. As above i fitted a new battery in the car and in the fob, went to start and alarm light on dash flasing but no alarm sounding. Ignition lights coming on but not starting. I presume the cobra alarm and immobiliser is just not de activating. I dont have the manual code I've read about and the dealers are shut due to Covid. Now the dash alarm light is just flashing constantly Anyone any pointers?

    Take a look at the TechWiki page on SELOC, Re-syncing sorted mine out........




  2. That’s bad luck but I would have braked as soon as I saw the first one appear.

    That impact definitely sounded significant, how much damage has it done ?

    The good news your ok, could have been worse head on in a Lotus.

  3. 10 hours ago, Daveb99 said:

    Both Unit 4 and PJS are excellent.   I had a good chat to Paul at PJS the other day about bodyshops, amongst other things, and he mentioned that Lotus are rolling out a new heavily reduced servicing pricing regime for owners of older cars - and the parts prices are dropping significantly too.

    Did he mention what they class as older cars....... I presume 10 years + ?

  4. Very interesting...... I didn't see any of these on my runners, at £40 a set I'm sure these can be made if you can find some suitable material, I may have a go next time I have some free time over a weekend.

    Thanks for sharing :cheers:

  5. Play in the runners is common, I had mine replaced under warranty in my V6 but within a few months the new one was the same, In the end I took the seats out and squeezed the runners and described in the link above, they didn't need doing again before I sold the car, I've also done the same in my Elise Cup about 12 months ago and so far they are still OK, even doing 6 track days :tup:

  6. Hi Andy,

    Are you sure both runners are fully engaging when in the locked position....

    If they are then you probably need to carry out some adjustments, I've had to tweak my seat runners in my previous V6 Exige and my current S3 Elise, Info on what to do can be found <HERE>


  7. On 14/04/2019 at 19:17, winthattt said:

    John, just use the thing.  I got a quote from Option1 to respray mine and decided, what the hell, it would become more of a garage queen.  That’s why it’s off to Anglesey for the Exiges day....mind you, last time it went on track a gaitor split, put grease on the exhaust and it caught fire.  No damage but a bit scary.  The time before that the power cable snapped on the alternator and sent sparks flying... I have renewed my RAC membership. 

    Absolutely stunning car Jonny but I agree with Keith, Use it and enjoy it :drive:

    Life's too short........


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