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  1. @ndy

    Shameless plug

    Great choice Alex, always fancied one TBH, good luck with the sale.
  2. I have a photo of the wheels but with A048's -
  3. I'm sure the forged wheels are the same size on both the RGB Elise and Exige....... I ran AD08R on the front of my RGB Exige with no issues or rubbing, size was 205/45/16
  4. LOT trackday @ Zandvoort Sept 2019
  5. I can't fault Option 1, They carried out a the insurance repair on my S1, the repair and paint quality was faultless 👍
  6. @ndy

    My Little Girl.

    So sorry to hear this Kurt, Mine and Debbie's thoughts and best wishes go out to you all.
  7. Not a fan, As above, looks like a child had designed and drew it 👎
  8. No no no....... what are some people thinking 😮
  9. Great write up Jon and I'm sure the sprint is a great car and the lightest in the current Lotus range, however as you said is it £20/£30K more that your current model, definitely not.
  10. Not a fan of the aftermarket LED lights, As a previous owner of an S1 I prefer the original lights 👍
  11. Very interesting...... I didn't see any of these on my runners, at £40 a set I'm sure these can be made if you can find some suitable material, I may have a go next time I have some free time over a weekend. Thanks for sharing
  12. Play in the runners is common, I had mine replaced under warranty in my V6 but within a few months the new one was the same, In the end I took the seats out and squeezed the runners and described in the link above, they didn't need doing again before I sold the car, I've also done the same in my Elise Cup about 12 months ago and so far they are still OK, even doing 6 track days
  13. Sorry to hear of your problem Mark, I would try some of the simple things 1st - Check engine/transmissions mounts are OK with no excessive movement Check linkages all look OK, you may need to adjust but this is best done by a specialist Check oil level, some other car manufacturers suffer from jumping out of gear when the oil level is low or oil is old If none of the above don't sort it then the gearbox will need to come apart and investigated, Fingers crossed hopefully not 🤞 Andy.
  14. Hi Andy, Are you sure both runners are fully engaging when in the locked position.... If they are then you probably need to carry out some adjustments, I've had to tweak my seat runners in my previous V6 Exige and my current S3 Elise, Info on what to do can be found <HERE> Andy.
  15. Great, It would be nice for an S1 to join us
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