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  1. @ndy

    Calendar Comp

  2. @ndy

    My Cars (Old & New)

    A few pics of cars I have owned past and present
  3. @ndy

    Exige LF1

  4. Great work and post..... Is that a Lancia Beta you swept up in to a pile of rust
  5. @ndy

    K-Series Engine Build 2014

    My 1st serious K-series engine build
  6. Sounds like another great car to be reborn, Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh
  7. @ndy

    Exige Wheels

    Cleaned up my disc hubs
  8. @ndy

    Raw Striker (R1 Power)

    Photos of a Raw Striker I build from scratch... What a weapon ! 410 Kg with 180 BHP
  9. @ndy

    Exige S RGB

  10. @ndy

    2Bular Exhaust

    Some pics of my 2Bular :)
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