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  1. @ndy

    Exige Wheels

    Cleaned up my disc hubs
  2. @ndy

    Raw Striker (R1 Power)

    Photos of a Raw Striker I build from scratch... What a weapon ! 410 Kg with 180 BHP
  3. @ndy

    Exige S RGB

  4. @ndy

    2Bular Exhaust

    Some pics of my 2Bular :)
  5. @ndy

    Le Mans 24 Hr

    24 Heures Du Mans
  6. Back in the garage working on my engine !

  7. @ndy

    Mallory Park + Engine Rattle = BANG

    Photo history of my day at Mallory Park - 02.05.13
  8. @ndy

    Emerald RR Session

    A few pics of my visit to Emerald
  9. @ndy


  10. @ndy

    Porsche Museum

    A few pics of my visit to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart
  11. @ndy

    Damaged clam

    My stupid garage toolbox crash !
  12. @ndy

    Kosmo's Engine upgrade 2012

    A few pics of my engine install
  13. @ndy

    Elise Robot

    Parked up next to a robot
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