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  1. anyone out tonight? Barnsley? Sheffield? Donny? Leeds? I'm bored and not staying in thats fow show. Can't do tomorrow as have kids this weekend :-)

  2. Reading 4th Game of Thrones book (a Song of ice and fire series by George RR Martin) and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. On ibooks on iphone but i may invest in a kindle touch?

  3. Bored in airport. Set off at 09:30 for 12:30 flight to paris but now its 15:05. Ah well.

  4. Thanks for the use of the couch Paul. Snook out around 7am :-)

  5. Ooo chatsworth country fair this weekend friday to sunday. If weathers nice i'm there.

  6. Happy 40th birthday Daigy. Big love Beefy.

  7. All pitched up atleeds festival. NO2 and 24 bottles beer confiscated on entry but all adds to the experience...plus me and dale did most of it last night. :-)

  8. Lovely sunny (mostly) holiday in Trearddur bay. Home Saturday.

  9. I'm already sick of the olympic themed tv adverts everywhere

  10. I'm still feeling the effects of a 4:30 am heavy night in York and Leeds. At least i booked a hotel in Leeds this time rather than pay loads for a taxi from York to Barnsleh like last time. Good night out in York as usual. The office is fading and my couch is calling....

  11. Left the pool in Tavira at 12:00 noon, airport by 12:30, plane at 13:55, landed at EMA half hour early at 16:30, at the car at 17:00, and home for kids by 18:00. Tops. Bangin it down with rain as soon as we landed. Nice tan spoiled by my usual allergic reaction to millions of mozzy bites. Nice little cheap break all in all. :-)

  12. At east midlands plane station....airport oversells it somewhat....enjoy the rain suckers...:-)

  13. Typical....now im off it gets sunny

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