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  1. Thanks Alex, it turned up with no oil and a shot seal but Gav sorted it out for me. Car sounds so much better now.
  2. Thanks Fellas, I took the SC up to Dave at Powerhouse, sadly it's beyond repair. Dave was great, gave me an option to build a SC using a case they had there and some rotors out of a mini SC. However, it looks like I've found a used one off SELOC for sensible money. Hangar 111 had them new on the shelf cheaper than I could find anywhere else. Thanks again
  3. Gav at Unit 4 told me today my supercharger needs a rebuild. I think its a Tsukuba. Any recommendations? Cheers Mike
  4. Thanks Will. I'll check them out, The car is on solid mounts, incl the gearbox, the vibrations are awful.
  5. Hi Mr Will, is this on a yota or K series S2? Just contemplating what mounts to fit to my Exige S. Cheers Mike
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