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  1. On 19/07/2021 at 21:19, Luke Seagrave said:

    It was a great car show, incredibly hot though. Thought I would share some images (Image Copyright:Luke Seagrave) 





    I went along but had to leave early which was a shame. The yellow Elite must have got there after I left, which is a shame

  2. 9 hours ago, patrice said:

     Hi all's i 've sawn on your LiTP 2021 ad, on site,  my car Europe 68's when we are presents at your event in 2015. For us it was a great friendly moment a wonderful trip from france, Thanks for put my car pics on your site, have a great event So long  



    We loved meeting you two! Come and say hello next time you are in England 🙂

  3. Mine behaved a bit like that when the alternator packed in and the battery was running down

    I ought to add, when it did it I rang Gav at Unit 4 Vehicle Services and he immediately diagnosed it over the phone. He was immediate and unequivocal, and correct!

    If it were me I'd take it to Gav, especially if it's about due a service anyway - get it all done.  He isn't dear.

  4. I had Nitron Street Series and never liked them. The car always rode badly on them, although in fairness the rest of the suspension needed a refresh.

    Now I have Nitron NTRs which are much better, but if I wasn't doing the odd track day I would probably have gone for new oem Bilsteins because the springs on the Nitrons are a lot stiffer and it does affect the ride.

    You are welcome to have a drive in mine to get an idea. Pm me.

  5. 1 hour ago, Nick S1 said:

    Thanks, I dont intend using the car for anything more than road and possibly occasional track day so I guess standard bushes will be fine. The problem is an attraction to shiny things and trying not to convince myself I need them because they must be better! 

    Regarding the Lotus OEM bushes, any opinion on the Elise Parts OEM spec bushes which are quite a bit cheaper than the Lotus ones? 

    I have the Eliseparts bushes and they are great. Gav at Unit 4 Vehicle Services who looks after my car recommended them, and he has experience of most.

  6. I would say get a specialist to look at it first (I use Gav at Unit 4 but PJS are also very good). They will tell you if any bushes and/or balljoints are knackered, plus your steering rack as they can knock. If any of those are faulty then replacing them will make the car less clonky/bangy.

    New dampers might make a bit of difference but beware things like Nitrons have MUCH stiffer springs and make the car overall much harsher. They are great on track, obvs, and good on smooth roads and if you are driving really fast but on bumpy roads, in the wet, when you are driving slowly and sensibly, i.e 90% of the time standard Billies are best. The Lotus ride and handling guys know what they are doing. You can get them reconditioned by the way. 


    You should also know that all early elises clonk and boing in potholes - it's because the ally tub acts a bit like a drum. I think Lotus figured out how to quieten it down a bit on later cars but you may have to learn to live with it to some extent.

    Good luck!  I hope you enjoy the ownership experience.

  7. I'm sure Mr Will is right when he says verniers will get the best out of the cams but I didn't fit verniers with mine and still saw a very big improvement. Jody and Marcus the same. And I doubt the MGTF 135 had vernier pulleys. As is often the case it comes down to money - verniers add a chunk of cash to a mod that is very attractive because it is so cheap.

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