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  1. Ha!  He was in Absolute Lotus twice!! 

    He's a lovely chap though. Having said that it's time he pulled his finger out and got his s1 esprit back on the road 😁 He probably won't read this but his lovely wife Louise will I bet 😊 How about in time for Lotus in the Peak 2021?

  2. Gav at Unit 4 in Burton will swap the engine out for you, he's as honest as the day is long and an excellent mechanic who has been working on Elises for 20 years (10 at a Lotus dealership before going it alone)  and I bet he will be cheaper than anyone else.  He swapped out my k series when it cried enough.

    As for where to source a new or good secondhand engine I don't really know. Try posting on seloc and maybe advertising on there in the wanted classifieds?  You could also try UK Lotus centre in Birmingham, they are a Lotus breakers.

    Good luck!

  3. Lincolnshire run is a nice idea. It would be great if we could find some nice roads and still get to go on the beach and have some fish and chips!

  4. I popped mine over to Gav at Unit 4 Vehicle Services in Burton for a covid-friendly C service today, plus some other bits and bobs.  I hung around and chatted as he did his stuff, making it look really easy.  When changing the cam belt he spotted the engine mount had failed; no problem though he had a spare in his magic bucket!

    I had a good look around the car including from underneath with the undertray off and arch liner out and reflected on the fact that over the last nine years Gav has more or less rebuilt the whole car - to fix accident damage, swap out a knackered engine,  replace dampers, bushes, rack, radiator, tow post, you name it, it's had it.  Throughout all of it Gav has been first class.  The car is in great order and drives wonderfully.  You would never believe it had done 115,000 miles.  

    Thanks Gav 👍🙂

    P.s - I took the scenic route home and absolutely loved it!  😊

  5. 2 hours ago, Mrker60 said:

    after lokdown are there any meet ups.

    Near worksop area not been to one yet since getting car

    Yes!  There will definitely be meet ups immediately lockdown ends! 

    Obviously we don't know when that will be yet, but keep an eye on the events section on here - either I or Ray or Dunc will put something up.  We usually head out to the Peak District on a Sunday morning for an early run before going to a nice cafe for breakfast.  

  6. I have had an Odyssey PC680 for about 4 years now and I have been happy with it.  It saved about 5 or 6 kilos in weight from high up at the very back of the car - the absolute best place to save it from in a car that is already a lot heavier at the back.  Having said that, while I can feel the difference on track, in all honesty I can't on the road.

    Another advantage is more boot space, especially as mine is mounted lying down (lower c og g too!).

    I found if the car wasn't used regularly i needed to put the charger on every three weeks - nothing fancy, just a standard Halfords charger. I would charge it up overnight and that would do it. No real hardship as I have a door into the garage from my kitchen (It was why I bought the house 😁).  The cranking power is way better than a standard battery.

    Unfortunately i got lazy this last winter and forgot to charge it. It went completely flat a couple of times and now doesn't hold charge and needs replacing.  My fault I think, not that of the battery.  I will get another from Demon Tweeks unless someone knows of anywhere cheaper.

  7. 3 hours ago, Mutley00 said:

    Errr three 😃. Sorry mate, had a bad November - two of my mates died and I thought that there are no pockets in shrouds so get it spent!  

    Good idea, but you should have bought Lotus!  😊

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