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  1. Managed to get is going. Found the remnants of the touch key (just the chip) as pictured and Frankensteined it to switch the immobiliser off then was able to reprogram the alarm fob. Still getting paul from pjs to source the code for me and ordered another touch key to solder my chip in until I get another one and programmed by dealer.
  2. The fob would still activate and de activate the alarm if that was the case.
  3. Well theres a story about the touch key, i had the lotus keys sitting on my Zx10r, forgot they were there and went out for a blast on the bike and by the time i found them the touch key was toast but the fob worked for years after that so never bothered with replacing the touch key.
  4. Well as ive a bit of time on my hands i went to dig out the S1. As above i fitted a new battery in the car and in the fob, went to start and alarm light on dash flasing but no alarm sounding. Ignition lights coming on but not starting. I presume the cobra alarm and immobiliser is just not de activating. I dont have the manual code I've read about and the dealers are shut due to Covid. Now the dash alarm light is just flashing constantly Anyone any pointers?
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