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  1. on my S1 I had to mess about with the screen wash bottle to get the crocodile clips on to the battery terminals and the bonnet un latched to charge/trickle charge the battery, I soon got feud of this so I wired directly to the battery terminals and brought the ends of these wires to the front grill, now it’s only a case of getting out my Aldi or Lidl trickle charger (I have both only around £13 and have had no issues with either of them over the past 7 or so years) at the grill I fitted the DIN power plug, much better for connecting to the battery to charge or to use 12v DC tools from, like tyre pump or 12v DC power jack I also have a power plug in the boot, here even with a cigarette converter plugged in
  2. Top job and looks OEM, as usual from you, well documented, thank you for posting
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  4. Hello, I'm just getting the hang of this here as I don't think I've got the settings right as when I post messages I get to see the HTML tags too


  5. Hey Man. One of our newer members? I hope that you are enjoying the forum.

  6. Hi, just seen this modification to the boot release you’ve done and what a good idea. I don’t yet have an Elise S1, but for sure all being well will do by the end of this month. What you’ve done here is something I’d also like to do. The light you’ve put in the boot, is it a light bulb or a rechargeable torch that you can take in and out? Any help on where you got the live and earth from. Sorry more questions, what switch did you used at the doorjamb and for the boot release, where did the actuator come from or/and what make? There are three more electrical modes I’d like to do to an Elise: I don’t plane on ever having a track day with the car so not bothers about extra weight. I’ll have to see when I get the car to see how achievable they are. The three things are: Electric mirrors, the Metro electric mirrors are selling for around £20 on the net. Central locking, just don’t know how to get it to work with the alarm, so maybe now achievable. And the third is electric windows, don’t yet know if there’s room in that door for a motor but if there is and get to know from what car the windows come from, then maybe an aftermarket motor will do the job Thank you for any help you can give cesare
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