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  1. Hi Simon, Very likely - it's usually one or both relays on the circuit board that fail and this is what gets replaced by default. I think the only part that can't be replaced is the actual microprocessor but that's apparently a very rare failure. Si.
  2. Just a heads up for anyone with an S2 having central door locking issues - appears it’s a fairly common issue. Mine packed up a couple of weeks or so ago, and after a little digging I came across this page on SELOC - https://wiki.seloc.org/a/Central_Locking_Module_Replacement However, getting my sticky little paws on a replacement CDL module is not as easy / cheap as I’d hoped. I then came across this page - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lotus-Elise-S2-Switch-Pack-Module-Repair-Service-/163541462818 For £40 including registered post return and a turnaround of less than 4 days including a weekend I can only recommend using Paul’s services. That was for a UK car, but he does post overseas also. No link other than a very satisfied customer - well recommended 👍🤘 The instructions are right though - it’s a sod to remove / refit 😂

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