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  1. Evening all, As per subject title, is anyone free for a couple of hours or so on the evening of Wednesday 4th July from around 18.00 to 20.00 (ish) ?? It is my daughters secondary “School Prom” and between her and her friends they have requested a small Lotus parade to take them from Wombourne to the Village Hotel in Dudley (What was Burnt Tree Island area). Ideally we need an additional 4 cars - ideally Elises / Exige Roadsters as it’s going to be a lovely sunny Summers evening (?☀️) and 5 roofless cars will allow easier access for what are likely to be big dresses and posh hairdos ! Initial plans are to get the girls and cars all together, have a few photos and then drive the 6 miles or so up to the Village Hotel. No doubt a few more photos and then go our separate ways. I’m sure there will be some beer ? tokens available to cover fuel etc. Can anyone assist a group of teenagers who want something a little more original and probably a little noisier than the usual limo ??? Please drop me a line on here if you can assist so we can arrange details. Thanks in advance. Simon
  2. I had a very similar issues on my 'S' - check out for what worked for me - basically an ECU reflash - fingers crossed it has behaved ever since.
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    S2 Elise Elise S