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  1. Thanks, are they London as Google suggests? I’m just after a recommendation for anyone local that people might have used and I’m sure there’s someone in Bromsgrove area that Matty put me on to.
  2. Hi all. Who are the alarm guys that Matty use? I remember we used them to disconnect my alarm and immobiliser when we thought it was causing issues (it later showed it was something else!) and never got round to reconnecting them because, well, it just didn’t seem important. Failing that, do we have anyone local who knows these alarm systems backwards? Thanks.
  3. I’ve also started this on the S1 Facebook group, it’s prompted some amusing responses
  4. Entirely hypothetical at the moment but inspired by Dave’s mustard thread; does anyone have the Scrappington (or similar) carpet set installed with cream seats and sills and could share a picture? Picture stolen from Dave’s thread to show what his interior looks like
  5. Afternoon all. I think I’m on the hunt for a rear S1 Koni if anyone has one sat about? A familiar noise has started to appear behind my right ear
  6. Trying to get the hang of forums...

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