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  1. Hi all My CAT has gone kaput and need one ASAP. Please let me know..... Chris
  2. I live close to this, and haven't been before. would be up for an MLOC trip to it.
  3. I currently went for the easy option, not attempting to try do it myself and making it worse. so i painted it still in situ !! But next time i am in the area i will give you a shout mate - much appreciated 🙂 I am at donno trackday on 12/08 if you are around pop down!
  4. Yeah rear undertray - got sent this by another member and it’s exactly what I’ve got.... https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=15&t=1137225
  5. Hi all As usual with these things nothing is ever simple. I wanted to take my rear undertray off to paint it. Simple you’d think. One of the 2 large bolts that hold it it in place is completely nakerd just spinning regardless of trying to tighten or undo. How on earth can I get this out/off?? Of course it was the last bolt I went to undo and the only one that wouldn’t come out. These 2 seem to go in to the rear axle? My limited skill and tool pool means I’ve left it in the garage for now soaking in a bit of wd40. Will get back to it tomorrow night with hopefully some ideas from you legends. Cheers chris
  6. just caught up on all the latest on this - it looks mega! Really excited to see the finished article!
  7. I cant give any thoughts on your last post mate, but i have been following this all the way through and it looks mega!! Keep the updates coming :-)
  8. Exige £27,800 for sale! inbox for details

  9. reluctantly selling the Exige... PM if interested

  10. very cheap set of s2 pads for sale!! inbox me

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