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  1. Drove mine to the squash club last night - doing well this year - 34miles so far [emoji3]
  2. I miss the days of the regular sunday morning MLOC runs. I am game for an early start on the next glorious morning! Paul
  3. Phil Just catching up on the thread. Lovely looking new car - i am sure you will love it (but you will miss the old one still). Id love to find out where my type 23 is and hope it is being looked after - at least you know that bit Enjoy Paul
  4. I up for a trip to wales!
  5. Sounds like a good idea [emoji3]
  6. Merry Christmas! See you next year [emoji3]
  7. Belated Happy Birthday!
  8. Afraid not, looked like it was in lots of bits to me! Front clam off, engine in a state of undress, centre console out. Extra brake calipers on the rear!
  9. Thanks to Gav, I now have shiny new braided brake hoses ! Top job!