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  1. smithpaulg

    Winter work.

    Difficult to see in these shots but this weekend i installed some running boards. Had them from a chap on seloc who sells them. Sprayed them up during the week, then drilled the holes in underside to mount them (that wasnt nerveracking - but quite simple in the end). Really please with the look and compliments the front splitter and balances the car. Also took the opportunity to tidy up the rust that was developing on the brake-disc centres.
  2. smithpaulg


    Kurt sorry to see this, good news is no-one was hurt. Mine got damaged a couple years back after only having for a few months and it is gutting. You just have to go through the motions and get it fixed and make sure you are happy with the repairs then it will all be a distant memory. good luck. paul
  3. smithpaulg

    S2 Elise Exige-S V6

  4. smithpaulg

    Unit 4

    Afraid not, looked like it was in lots of bits to me! Front clam off, engine in a state of undress, centre console out. Extra brake calipers on the rear!
  5. smithpaulg

    Unit 4

    Thanks to Gav, I now have shiny new braided brake hoses ! Top job!
  6. smithpaulg

    Leics Run 27th March 2011 Cont.

  7. smithpaulg

    S2 Elise Type 23


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