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  1. Skell

    Hardtop anyone?

    Persistance is a virtue............. I paid £575.00 for it in the end
  2. Skell

    Hardtop anyone?

    Now then now then contact has been established but before I take the plunge the Hardtop in question is off a V6 Exige will it fit my Elise S3
  3. Skell

    Hardtop anyone?

    Willb`s stock ??
  4. Skell

    Hardtop anyone?

    hmmm auto declined at £600.00 oh well
  5. Skell

    Hardtop anyone?

    Any of you guys got an Elise S2/3 hardtop gathering dust that you might like to move on Preferably black but its not that important as it may end up getting wrapped. Cheers Andy
  6. Skell

    Lotus Elise Hartop


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    WANTED Lotus Elise hardtop to fit a MY2010 S3 style car



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