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  1. email sent. Sorry for the delay.
  2. Drop me a message with an email address and I’ll send you what I have. I think I’ve for the rover manual.
  3. Ap at the front With 4 pots. Ep at the back with 2 pot rear conversion. Backs have been really bad especially at low speed. I love rc6’s on track but the noise on the road is a bit annoying. I use Elise parts anti squeal buffers which helps but a track day destroys them. I did a couple of years of track days with rc5+ And no real problems. Just prefer rc6’s on track.
  4. If you don’t like squealing breakers then go for RC5+ and not 6’s. 6’s can be terrible. Brilliant on track but really noisy at low speed braking. Anti squeal shims help be get fried every track day. All from personal experience. 👍
  5. But he ‘drove’ it off the trailer..... brakes work👍
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