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  1. Thanks guys. Yeah it’s on a totally flat surface when parked. I’ll have a look at the glass/inner seal in the morning
  2. thinking it maybe just need a bit of glue or something to pinch it back in place
  3. Now, I know they leak a bit but I appear to have a bit more of a leak due to the attached and highlighted ... anyone have any ideas on a part no or a suggestion on a temp fix? It just isnt sealed as well as the passenger side at the top there Any suggestions appreciated and sorry for the naff photo
  4. Hey Mutley - I have had mine covered since January 1st but you have got me thinking about this ... im thinking now that my "caring for it" might actually be causing harm as yesterday fully washed and dried and aired and put the cover on and slightly damp in some spots this AM wherea my wifes car just "out" is bone dry. I am going to keep it off for a bit ... question for anyone ... My previous elise used to have a leaky softtop above the window. My Exige with hardtop also is a bit leaky above drivers side window ... that whole bit of roof gets sodden (which is why I bought a cover just
  5. About the same ... sooooooo nice when you do take it out though isnt it!! Although I keep mine outside in a cover ... I had taken it for a spin, forgotten to put the cover and then this happened ... wasnt to happy about that!
  6. I havent had this in a couple of weeks - had you just cleaned it? I am wondering if its related to when I clean it which I did yesterday but it hasnt been run yet - might be an excuse to go out :)
  7. Took the car out for a couple of short easy driven trips today and it was purrrfect. Last trip and the warning lights all disappeared and it was great so drove it slightly harder and it loved it. I will keep my eye on it
  8. Hey, I had a really strange experience yesterday ... I was in a long queue of traffic, for about 20 minutes with minor movement but generally stopped, then when we finally got moving the car from 2nd gear (I was only driving very slowly) - it auto jumped to Neutral and was unresponsive ... so hazard light on and pulled over. Key out, key in ... started up fine and away I went ... 3 miles down the road (now doing about 70) the MIL light, Transmission Malfunction Sensor and the Traction Control light came on, I pulled over, key out, key in started her up and the MIL and Transmission Malfu
  9. Yeah its a really strange one - nothing in my routine I don't think is any different but then randomly appears. if you do see anything when you plug it in that would be grand.
  10. Should I be worried that the front passenger suspension is super squeaky? I seem to recall my previous Lotus being similar but thought I would ask the question
  11. Another one ... just looked at the engine and noticed the attached hose isnt within the clip ... I am guessing it should be!?!
  12. Sometimes ... happened about 3 times my Exige ... starts but the traction control light stays on ... I have pressed nothign other fire it up. The traction control light doesnt say "off" like when you switch to Sport mode and on again ... just on. When it does this it is sluggish, the automatic gear changes are horrible. I turn if off, start it again and all good and is back to normal! Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Hey Stik! ... I thought it might somehowr go over the silver bit back where the cigarette lighter is - otherwise as you sayd yeah it will struggle to go anywhere else! No, no infamous cup holder on mine unfortunately ... 😭
  14. Haha! Nice on thanks Mark! No mega rush 👍
  15. hi, ive been trying to contact someone about changing my username - any mods who can do this for me?
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