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  1. Guys - as per my other toppic - I am trying to hardwire a dash cam ... but unable to find the interior fuse box which I am expecting to find a 4 x fuse block. I have been all under the passenger side ... here are some photos (one from underneath ... one from the passenger pocket - any ideas? Am I even nearly close 🀣
  2. great advice guys ... will give it a go ... i have never done auto electrics but assuming this cant be too hard to wire in. Any must have tools? Damage is thankfully light ... most is on the plastic covering over the bumpers (the clear stuff that protects from stone chips - what is this called - cant think) ... it looks quite damaged but not sure if it has gone through the plastic or not ... not sure of the best way to clean/tidy that up ... presume you cant use a polish on it? Just bloody annoying having somebody do that to your car that you take care off and just buggering off ...
  3. Found quite a few posts on SELOC ... got a good idea what to do now.
  4. This looks a pretty good tutorial ... https://howtune.com/articles/512-install-the-dash-cam-on-a-lotus-elise
  5. dobber82

    Dash Cam

    Hi guys ... After somebody drove into my stationary Exige (I was driving but stopped) yesterday and drove off ... I have decided to get a dash cam ... any of you guys installed one and any suggestions/problems etc? Thanks in advance
  6. Haha! Yeah, doesnt concern me ... ill just add it to the squeaks and rattles list 🀣
  7. Hi, I have a V6 Exige with a squeak exhaust valve ... when in Sport mode and at low revs when it opens and closes ... just a slight annoyance really more than a problem. I have tried to lube anything that looks moveable - just wondered if anybody else has had something similar?
  8. looks great 😍
  9. 😍😍
  10. It’s very neat, tucks away. Does the job and looks nice
  11. Finally arrived and fitted πŸ‘
  12. Thanks Louise! Emailing now
  13. Howdy, I know discussed a 1000 times ... "where do you get it serviced" - any suggestions in and around Shropshire at all? Could travel to PJS/Unit4 just a bit of a trek. Anyone tried https://uklotuscentre.co.uk/ - Halesowen. One caveat ... I refuse to go to Paul Matty. Cheers guys
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