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  1. I decided to go for this so will let you know thoughts. decided for how long I want the car for I would do it. albeit felt the sting in my pocket!
  2. PJT ... Yes i did think about the blue velvet/purple haze ... but I like the pink ... random I know! I dont polish all the time either - that is like a every 4-6 month job ... I do like to wax tho 🤣 I often use an aqua wax (on a wet car). I will check out the future Armour. Smells amazing ... wife thinks im mental! Lithosapian ... I think this is probably right as well and at the end of the day ... driving it is more fun than cleaning it. On another note has anybody machine polished theres? I never have and to be honest ... a little scared. Would probably tr
  3. Haha, yeah there is that! I suppose I just want it looking showroom all the time which I know is totally unachievable!
  4. Yeah its mad ... its gleaming and like new ... I don't drive it and literally within the day its covered in dust. I live on a country lane so get that dust settle will happen. My wifes car that I give a decent but not as thorough was too always looks mega admittedly one is dark and one is light ... maybe I should try less hard 🤣 I think its static. Today there was just loads of blossom stuck to it 🤯 ... thinking I might (once waxed) give a quick spritz and buff/dry with Dodjuice quick detailing spray
  5. Good shout ... thank ya kindly - will give it ago ... its a dark colour so shows dust etc so easily anyway ... im probably just being a bit pedantic about it 🤣🤦‍♂️
  6. Howdy - one for the detailers out there... just lately I have found that when I was my car it is literally a magnet for all sorts of countryside dust, rain dust and general debris. My standard routine is (which now Ive written it my neighbours must think im insane) thorough rinse wheels snow foam pre wash rinse specific detailing areas - i.e. badges, grills, handles rinse wash car rinse dry wax (dodo juice hard candy -carnuba based wax) Do I need to through another rinse and dry in?
  7. I would also recommend Option 1. I had some decent damage to my previous Elise due to an incident on ice and it came back good as new
  8. This is the one thing I really want/need and have umm'd and arrr'd over a few.
  9. hey guys - what is the name of this garage as I will need a srevice soon and new'ish to the area (just north of Shrews)
  10. It’s a secret, cos it’s damn embarrassing, but I’ve punched a 15cm hole through my sill when the car slipped off the Jack.  It cost £375 to repair and paint.  This was a place in Nottingham at the back of Central Lotus, organised through them.

    1. dobber82


      Thanks mate greatly appreciate this and  for telling me the price you paid for your repair.  I’ll contact my lotus garage 👍👍

  11. Phew thank you!! Anyone got any recommendations Shropshire - Cheshire- Birmingham?
  12. Had a bit of a mate today whilst parking the car on the way to a funeral (mind elsewhere) ... clipped the front splitter - do you guys think this is repairable
  13. Stik - 1 - yep after reading around - I did the pedal switch thing .... sorted and just a small bit of gymnastics to perform it Two drives and all ok and it was beginning to do it very regularlly.
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