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  1. looks great 😍
  2. 😍😍
  3. It’s very neat, tucks away. Does the job and looks nice
  4. Finally arrived and fitted πŸ‘
  5. Thanks Louise! Emailing now
  6. Howdy, I know discussed a 1000 times ... "where do you get it serviced" - any suggestions in and around Shropshire at all? Could travel to PJS/Unit4 just a bit of a trek. Anyone tried https://uklotuscentre.co.uk/ - Halesowen. One caveat ... I refuse to go to Paul Matty. Cheers guys
  7. I had a 111R for 4 years as a daily driver and had no problems. The softtop occasionally slightly leaked but with a bit of TLC to keep it waterproofed it was no problem. I now have an Exige 350 that again is a daily driver and again no problems other than a slightly leaky window (fixed with the easily adjustable windows). Having said that the miles I tend to do are pretty low (15-20 miles, sometimes a bit more) and some days it doesnt get driven. I could see why having it as daily driver might grind a few people but it works for me ... the worst part is cleaning it so it looks
  8. Yeah the grills are great, was really impressed with them and the headlights. She tends to do portraits and landscapes - this was her first car! ive asked her to do a side version as well
  9. Thanks - she was nervous showing me but I was blown away - total surprise πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  10. So came home today and my daughter surprised me with a digital art version of my car! I’m pretty pleased with it and can’t wait to get it on the wall!
  11. I semi regularly drive past a certain cyclist who when he sees my car goes crazy ... he must love it! He looks soo happy to see it
  12. Thanks PJT I have gone for the PS4s after some feedback and a few other forums. Thanks for the info about the fronts as well
  13. Hi .. i know this will have been asked but did search and didnt find anything immediately. Just wondered what people were running on their Exige rear 265/35 tyres. I have (I believe the original) Pirelli PZero Corsa's and can see a few others that the "tyre place" are recommending. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 Goodyear Eagle F1 Bridgestone Potenza s001/Potenza Sports Yokos - Advan Sport V105S Any advice appreciated ... I mean I dont have a problem with the current PZero's so probably just having analysis paralysis.
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