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  1. Hey Stik! ... I thought it might somehowr go over the silver bit back where the cigarette lighter is - otherwise as you sayd yeah it will struggle to go anywhere else! No, no infamous cup holder on mine unfortunately ... 😭
  2. Haha! Nice on thanks Mark! No mega rush 👍
  3. hi, ive been trying to contact someone about changing my username - any mods who can do this for me?
  4. Hi, has anybody fitted one of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pcs-Car-Seat-Gap-Organiser-Storage-Box-Wallet-Phone-Cup-Holder-USB-Charger/164433169318?fits=Model%3AElise+340R&hash=item2648fb0ba6:g:KR0AAOSwjsBfgBuH Looks a bit bulky but trying to find something for hot coffee!!
  5. dobber82


    Guys any ideas what the secondary red colour here is? Its from 2016 Exige? The main colour is C189 Metallic Blue but I cant find any reference to the red and cant get any joy out of the original owner. Thanks - any help greatly appreciated.
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