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  1. Powder Coating Rear Diffuser - Elise S2

    I had the one from my S2 111s done 2 years ago. it is still looking good £60 well worth it.
  2. Door waist seals - any interest?

    also interested
  3. Door waist seals - any interest?

    I am in please
  4. Powder Coating Rear Diffuser - Elise S2

    Mine has been done for 3 years now and so far it is still in good condition
  5. Lotus Elite Workshop Manual

    what models will it cover / also how much is he asking please ?
  6. Twin Fan Set up - Help

    the S2 Elise 111s with air con have a double fan setup. I would feed another supply to the second fan with a inline fuse.
  7. Door waist seals - any interest?

    i replaced mine just before they started to go up in price. having said that I would still be interested in a pair.
  8. Roof tensioning cable

    notice what the way the old one is setup. feed the new one to match. then tension to the required amount.
  9. Broken canvass roof fastener

    photo will help please
  10. Elise S2 111S Won't Idle Properly Or Rev

    i connected the battery the wrong way on my 2003 111s Elise this was the result, and of course the ECU was mush. IMG_0926.MOV
  11. Break light high one

    Sorry I have been away working . thank you for the info.
  12. Break light high one

    When the lights are on, the higher brake light will not work.
  13. my lotus cars

    here is a few photos of my cars
  14. S1 Elise Other

    S1 Elise Other

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