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  1. Broken canvass roof fastener

    photo will help please
  2. Elise S2 111S Won't Idle Properly Or Rev

    i connected the battery the wrong way on my 2003 111s Elise this was the result, and of course the ECU was mush. IMG_0926.MOV
  3. Break light high one

    Sorry I have been away working . thank you for the info.
  4. Break light high one

    When the lights are on, the higher brake light will not work.
  5. Red or Black ?

    The mirror covers on my S2 111s were in need of some LTC. I get o set of MGF ones £10 from Ebay as the mirror glass was not the best I had some cut from a local glass shop £10 for the 2. As the wheels are gloss black also new stone proctors ordered in black. I decided to paint the plinths and covers black also.
  6. my lotus cars

    here is a few photos of my cars
  7. S1 Elise Other

    S1 Elise Other
  8. S1 Elise Other

    S1 Elise Other
  9. weneed 7000 new referees each year can you do the job ? email me fori nfo