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  1. S160 Oil Leak - from near Oil Cooler

    Yes I remember talking to you at LitP, you hadn't had the car long had you? No the braided hoses are not standard. I don't know where the chap got them from. I would imagine he just had them made, would be easy enough I would have thought. He had originally put them on his car along with the stat as an upgrade for racing. He took them off along with the oil cooler in favour of a oil/water cooler for a overall lighter option. You can take the cooler off without removing the clam yeah. You can see in the diagram above, the cooler is mounted on a bracket which is just bolted onto the crash structure. I can't remember if you have to take the arch liners out to get to the bolts or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. S160 Oil Leak - from near Oil Cooler

    Hi Dave, I had a problem with a leaky oil cooler hose a few years ago. It was only a small leak coming from the near side hose joint. I discovered it during changing the radiator which is a clam off job. The good news is that you can actually remove the under tray which covers the oil cooler (one with large vent holes in it) to get access to it. I found some previously enjoyed braided hoses a guy in France was selling along with a thermostatic valve. I fitted the braided hoses and valve at a later date which was relatively straight forward, just used the old hoses to pull some rope through the sill cavity in order to pull the new hoses through. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    S1 Elise Sport 160
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