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  1. Don262

    Evora tpms replacement

    Another source is from the following, but I think this could be a couple of years old and I haven't needed to use then as my sensors are still ok on my 2010 Evora : TYR- S002-T-Pro Clamp – In Sensor Part No: HTS-A122B, 72-20-364 Tel: 0116 2001020 Unit C Whiteacres, Cambridge Rd, Whetstone, Leicester, LE8 6ZG £36 approx I think the actual make is: Schrader TPMS Part No. 13227143
  2. Don262

    Evora tpms replacement

    You can buy individual ones from lotus via Deroure but they are not cheap, or from ebay. There was a recent thread on The Lotus Forum and here is one response: Much cheaper to buy a set of Autel sensors and programmer pad. The Lotus system on the Evora uses 433Mhz and the sensors need to be programmed with an ID number and system will detect the sensors and learn which sensor is where after driving for a few miles. The sensors do need an ID programmed in the first place so you can't use the Autel sensors straight of the shelf. The Autel programmer should be able to clone your existing sensors if you want to keep the ID the same but as long as the sensor is programmed with an ID the system will self learn. Set of 4 sensors are available for around £80-90 and the USB programming pad is available for around £40-60. Here are just one link out of many from Ebay also many sellers on Amazon selling both Autel sensors and programmers. Autel MX sensor 433Mhx £80 for 4: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/X4-Original-Autel-MX-Sensor-433MHz-Programmable-Universal-TPMS-Sensor-Most-Cars/183264912039?epid=1342402954&hash=item2aab70a2a7:g:d38AAOSwi3tbIjHt Autel programming pad £40: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Autel-MaxiTPMS-PAD-TPMS-Sensor-Programming-Programmer-Accessory-Device/233134236958?hash=item3647e2251e:g:a3AAAOSw1vxcZo7N
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