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  1. 340r recommission

    Not that one I'm afraid Dr H, theres another ring about 5mm thick below that bolted to the tank that No8 then attaches to with the nuts as per the diagram above. Maybe an auto factors has something.
  2. 340r recommission

    So a quick update. I have removed the fuel tank and old fuel pump. The pump was seized solid, so I ordered a new one from spitfire engineering. The inside of the original tank is in a bit of a state with loads of debris. I don’t think it can be sorted out. I just happened to have the aluminium tank that came with the 340r upgrade kit. This had never been fitted so I will put the new pump in the ally tank and see how that goes. The ally tank is lower capacity though so I reckon on getting 120 miles max range from the car rather than 180ish. I have removed the deep aluminium ring with the bolts sticking out of it from the steel tank but noticed it was bonded in place with something. Does anyone know what it was bonded in with? Obviously there to create a seal. thanks for your help.
  3. 340r recommission

    Typically the inspection hole isn’t big enough to get at the wiring connector.
  4. 340r recommission

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I did check it and it didn’t need resetting. I took it off the car and shook it to trigger the button then clicked it down again. I can borrow the one off my sport 190 as I know it works plus I’ll check the wiring. However, I think that because the gauges are flashing to refill the tank even though I put 19 litres in, the pump might be faulty. I wonder that if the car thinks the tank is empty it cuts out the pump until the level arm raises. I think the level arm has got stuck in the empty position and not floated up with the new fuel ??‍♂️ Hope you had a good holiday!
  5. 340r recommission

    tried the paper clip trick in the immobiliser plug but still no joy.
  6. 340r recommission

    Thanks, I think the 340r uses S2 immobiliser. I will see if there’s spark at the plugs. Not sure if the fuel pump wiring is accessible but will have a look. It could be that it’s the pump if the starter shouldn’t turnover if the immobiliser is active. Particularly as the dash says refill even though I put 19 litres of fuel in. But on the other hand, if the immobiliser was working correctly then the alarm should sound when I lean into the car as it has intrusion sensors. The alarm hasn’t triggered since I put a new battery on...
  7. 340r recommission

    Thanks for replying, the cakes and ruxpin. I took the wiring loom with the lid switches off the bodywork and fitted it to the main loom and taped the switches down. This didn’t solve the problem. Im guessing that pressing the button on the key once is enough to deactivate the immobiliser as the red light goes out. Ruxpin, is there a way I can bypass the immobiliser to see if it’s the cause of the problem before I start investigating the fuel pump? Its driving me mad! Was hoping it would fire up so I can put the bodywork back on.
  8. 340r recommission

    Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this?? The bodywork is off the car so the engine and 2 front lids sensors are not on the car, therefore not in the closed position.....as this is part of the alarm/immobiliser setup does it disable the car from starting if not closed?
  9. 340r recommission

    They’re both looking like suspects. I’m going to find out which relays or fuses control the fuel pump firstly. Could also possibly be something to do with the immobiliser.
  10. 340r recommission

    Hmm, hit a problem. The car turns over but won't fire.......not 100% sure fuel is getting to the cylinders (I changed fuel filter and drained the tank), spark plugs possibly not firing as I took one out to see if there is a spark while turning over and there wasn't. Not sure I can hear the fuel pump priming either....not sure whats best to tackle first! I put 19 litres of fuel in and the gauge says 'refill' and only one bar shows. I would have thought 19 litres would show nearly half full?
  11. 340r recommission

    It was to give the car somewhere near a real 340bhp/tonne which the car doesn’t get to as standard ?
  12. 340r recommission

    This car has the lightweight pack, so it’s got the lighter weight exhaust and various other parts. I have the single seat roll bar and aluminium fuel tank, but these aren’t fitted. So it’s part lightweight version and part standard.
  13. 340r recommission

    Thanks for the info DrH. I think ideally the interior panels need to be resprayed but that will add more time to the project and I just want to get it back on the road while the weather is good. could always do a full resto down the line. Finished changing belts, service items and fluids yesterday. Just got new brake pads and fluid to change, then can start putting it back together after testing the engine, bleeding the cooling system and checking everything is ok.
  14. 340r recommission

    Made some progress. Took the advice above and fitted the aluminium rad. Just replaced the cam belt and alternator belt. New tyres being fitted tomorrow. Then will change oil, oil filter, new air filter element, fuel filter, brake fluid, brake pads and wiper blade. My biggest concern is the soft interior paintwork. It will look a dogs dinner when scuffed after a few uses. I might contact lotus to ask what the best remedy is to keep originality.
  15. 340r recommission

    Thanks again for the advice everyone. I will try and put some progress pictures up as I go. I won't split the bodywork as I prefer to keep originality as much as possible. My sport 190 has had various little improvements over the years but subtle, things like braided brake lines, uprated pads etc. Taken it to the nurburgring a couple of times in its 12,000 mile life. I incorrectly said the mileage was 1163 miles in fact its 1163km so 722 miles! I'm still going to be driving it though!

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