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  1. I am getting the car transported to Leicester to an old friends garage he should be able to do it as he used to rebuild race car engines if not then Martins advice sounds the best, Since the other week I have taken undertray and diffuser off and no fresh oil was on them. there is a leak of oil under the car I have not gone under far enough to see due to all the rain we have had. New coil was fitted oil is ok oil pressure is ok, no engine light on on idle, no rough idle but still the noise. Can see exhaust leak on flexi part of flexi pipe and spotted I’m missing a bracket off the rear toe link!
  2. There was some oil on the dip stick. But it looks below minimum, my plan in to pull the sump drain plug and see exactly how much oil is in there when the weather dries. its a shame as I had been away and the week before I went I thought I’d check the oil and it was fine it was just below maximum I changed the air filter and went away for the week. As it was a nice day A few days after returning I decided to use the Elise for the school run to keep the rust off the brakes as it is due it’s mot later this month, I was hoping it was some sort of air hose leaking or the alternator seized due
  3. Here’s a short video, apologies for the dirty engine bay it’s now gleaming well from above at least IMG_3079.MOV
  4. The new coil pack arrived today but yesterday I took the under tray off and it was coated in oil that was baked on, I knew the car had hgf and had been repaired a couple of years ago by the previous owner and the oil was there then. but I thought I would have a good look around and there seems to be an oil leak from somewhere I need to trace. The dip stick appears below minimum so that isn’t reassuring though no oil light came on. I had only checked the oil the previous week and it was fine. The alternator I thought could be a source as this is the 3rd alternator in the last two years the cu
  5. A couple of days ago I went out in my s2 k series Elise and on starting there was a noise behind my head like driving along with the door ajar, I hadn’t started the Elise for over a week and it was hooked up to a trickle charger. ( it’s only driven about 200 miles this year)The battery light remained on longer than usual about five ten seconds but the noise remained, I continued to drive and unfortunately as I joined the a14 my engine management light came on and the car went in to limp mode, other than a loss of power the car seemed ok, I then came off the next slip road about five mile
  6. Just purchased our new S2 it's a early 40th birthday present!!

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