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  1. Looking for a new car

  2. Waiting for the 2012 season to start!

  3. Finally back home after a loooong week

  4. wants to thank the MacG Racing crew for a great weekend at Snetterton - good result and a superb team effort to overcome some issues - well done chaps!

  5. What a weekend! Great fun, problems solved, decent result, and its good to be back home now too...

  6. It's raceday here at Snetterton, warm-up at 9am, race at 12:20...

  7. On route to Snetterton...

  8. 7 hours of track time at Snetterton this weekend - my cup floweth over!

  9. These riots are causing havoc, and have apparently moved to rural Leicestershire - some bastard knocked the head off one of my tulips...

  10. So the Dow has lost nearly 1 year of gains in just 11 days - impressive....

  11. One week to go until Snetterton...

  12. Mmm - chicken Korai and Keema Naan. Winner

  13. Website now live!

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