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  1. Be careful, I think it's only the fronts that are available! My actual bilstein dampers are fine, but the collars that the spring is mounted on are showing corrosion. Luckily, these are sold separately! Unluckily, I can not find anywhere that currently has or can get hold of them! Anyone on here know where I can get these?
  2. I know, I know... hoping to use it more this year...
  3. I agree with all that has been said about Jon, great bloke. I took my 111R to Jon for a Service and then later, an MOT, which required a steering rack recon. He held onto the car for a few days and managed to fit in with my awkward dates so I could have the MOT done a full month before due (so qualifying for a year and a month until next MOT). Unfortunately, I don't drive it very often... but got the chance to take it to a wedding over the weekend! I can report that it drives just as an Elise should, lovely. I recommend Jon and he is now my go-to-guy for anything related to the car... someone I hadn't found in my 6-7 years of ownership! Baz