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  1. ...and it's good that I have people I can rely on so.
  2. Actually, Leigh, I'm really grateful to you. It's people like you who help me keep on the straight and narrow. You give us a clear vision of the murky quagmire that lies at the bottom of the slippery slope. I'm still envious as hell.
  3. Leigh, whilst I am terribly envious, you are clearly nuts! I'll be sorry to see the 340R go, though. You've had that as long as I've been around here, though it too has got more and more insane. I do hope everything goes better than I expect with your Stratos. That could easily be more of a money pit than a V8 Esprit project! Good luck!
  4. TimSportsTourer

    LF1 Reveal

    The Exige LF1 revealed at Silverstone Lotus
  5. The car was machine polished within an inch of its life before having Ventureshield applied to the vulnerable bits. A decent opportunity to get some half-decent pics
  6. TimSportsTourer

    Esprit S4

    …outside Madingley Hall.
  7. (actually, a few weeks before I collected it, but that's another story)
  8. TimSportsTourer


    Visit to Tesla, April 2009
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