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Pie Warrior

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    Rugby league, season ticket holder at Wigan Warriors since year dot.

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    Elise S1 2000
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    Ruby Red Metalic
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  1. this should answer any questions you have:- https://griptyresoftener.com/pages/faq
  2. nothing spectacular, but haven't driven it since Dec 11th. Had to uncover and start lotey up last night ready for today as other half's water pump packed up and she wanted my car this morning. First time for ages I have arrived at worked with a smile from ear to ear.
  3. he's not worried about driving it......but he won't be able to use his D.A. polisher...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it heals soon Dave
  4. Launch Control Available only on cars equipped with the Race Pack. Can only be activated when the car is stationary and in Race Mode. To use launch control the car must be: ◾ Stationary ◾Engine coolant temperature between 80-110c ◾Steering wheel in the straight ahead position (a few degrees tolerance allowed) ◾Launch control not have been used in the last 2 minutes ◾No ECU/ESP fault codes present ◾Vehicle has not performed the maximum number of allowed launches (still to be defined) ◾Vehicle has covered more than 500 miles as logged by the ECU
  5. DPM Switch 3 modes (4 on Race Pack equipped cars) – Touring, Sport, Race (where fitted), DPM Off ◾Touring mode puts all DPM systems in to their fully activated mode and is designed for normal daily driving conditions. ◾Sport mode relaxes the DPM systems. ◾Off disables all DPM features bar ABS.
  6. wonder if they could fit a bench seat in it for Scatty
  7. is it a proper pie with shortcrust pastry.......none of this poncey flakey shiite
  8. I had my S1 seats done by John at Allon White and had probax put in them as well......
  9. I'm praying for sunshine now then.... Well Done Mike
  10. will it be making a visit to Shardlow on Monday..??
  11. remind me not to follow Colin back to the A42
  12. i've heard Severn Trent are sending their emergency repair crew round to yours as the address has never used so much water in a week, they think they have a burst water main.
  13. have you found the note left in by Alex..??
  14. collect it on a trailer or some spotty youth hatch back racer going to drive it.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. don't see why not if your older ones are still supple.....AND GRIP THE ROAD.....