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    Rugby league, season ticket holder at Wigan Warriors since year dot.

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    Elise S1 2000
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  1. New Member / New Elise owner

    quite a few on here who do use their cars on track and for a spirited early morning sunday blast use Fuchs Titan Race Pro R 15W-50 Ester Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
  2. Gauging interest

    sounds like a nice day out
  3. Advanced Notice: MLOC AGM

    very handy, just a stones throw down the A5 for me. As long as I dont have a game of rugby that night I will definitely make every effort to turn up
  4. Elise S1 Front Clam removal

    Always found the following ideal for odd kits etc etc.- https://www.speedyfasteners.com/Lotus_Elise_Undertray_Clam_Shell_Diffuser_Bolts_Fixings_s/1814.htm once you have the clam off the list of jobs will just grow and grow....lol
  5. Tire Softener

    this should answer any questions you have:- https://griptyresoftener.com/pages/faq
  6. Your First Lotus Drive Of 2017

    nothing spectacular, but haven't driven it since Dec 11th. Had to uncover and start lotey up last night ready for today as other half's water pump packed up and she wanted my car this morning. First time for ages I have arrived at worked with a smile from ear to ear.
  7. Respray Cost And Recommendation

    remind me not to follow Colin back to the A42
  8. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    could have sworn that dash panel with the EXIGE was high gloss finish earlier...??? when finished it will look better than a brand new car coming out of the Lotus Factory at this rate
  9. Hi Ben, was your car in today..??, if so did you notice a red S1 in bits......lol
  10. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    £312.50 a corner.....
  11. S1 Elise Standard

    S1 Elise Standard
  12. 9510164254 933af3d2ce B

    she told me her name was June....pffff women
  13. Exige S1 Renovation (images changed).

    phew......don't even look the same parts