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  1. Done. Good luck
  2. Lovely car Alex. Congrats
  3. Fantastic service once again from Steve and his team. Considering they're stacked out with work essentially building a Lotus Cup 2-11 race car from scratch for Hockeheim next week he made time for me to have a brake fluid change and give my car a once over. As is always the case though things didn't turn out as easy as first thought with a stuck solid bleed nipple and weeping caliper seal. Not only did they search for a caliper to lend me to keep me on the road they gave loads of reassurance that things would be fine until they can do a caliper refresh. They really are a great bunch and Steve is always welcoming, keen to show you around his workshop and to chat about the amazing projects they're working on. If you haven't used them and are happy to travel to Daventry I can't recommend them highly enough plus they're happy to work on non Lotus/TVR cars too. They make a good mug of coffee as well.
  4. Received today. Well done to all involved
  5. Here's to a speedy recovery Dave.
  6. You're doing a cracking job there Jonny. Very impressive.
  7. What an epic read. I really hope this works out for you and you are right someone is trying to tell you something. Push through to the end because there aren't enough people like you willing to try something a little bit different. Good on ya
  8. Colin you are a true fashionista. Apparently short trousers are all the rage however I think yours might be a little too short ;-)
  9. GT86 has been my daily drive for the last two years & it's been a cracking car. Only downside is that the doors dent easily and have acquired lots of dinks and scratches due to inconsiderate car parkers. Other than that it's a great motor to own.
  10. I think that should be when "you fit a Honda :)" eh Alex
  11. I'm proudly displaying one too ;-)
  12. I'm loving this thread. It's looking epic Jonny
  13. Wow Jonny, I've just read this thread again and it's epic. Fantastic job fella and very inspiring.