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  1. LIVY

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    The jacket has never been worn and is in as new condition. It is a water resistant, light-weight jacket and benefits from zipped pockets and has the Gold Leaf logo on the chest, a type 72 roundel on one arm and the ACBC Victory silhouette on the other. Down the right arm, the words Racing for Britain is embroidered and on the back, just underneath the collar, is a small Union Jack flag. This jacket was created to celebrate the type 72 by Classic Team Lotus and can be found in their website shop. http://shop.classicteamlotus.co.uk/gold-leaf-team-lotus-jac… The size is Large (46 - 48") This item is priced on Classic Team Lotus's website at £66 inc postage however I would accept £45 + Postage Thanks for looking. Cheers Mark


    Kettering, Northamptonshire - GB

  3. LIVY


    Photo bombed by the yellow peril David ;-)
  4. Thanks Bis for the great step by step, as always. Completed this upgrade yesterday and it's made a world of difference and looks great. Now what's next ;-) side air scoops maybe
  5. Hi all Struggling to add the pics so I have put they in my gallery. Miles I've lost my personal mobile so missed your call. I'll call you over the weekend if that's ok Regards Livy
  6. Hi All Well as promised here are the photos of the conversion and the final result. Took a trip to Goodwood FOS and the car performed faultlessly even having to sit in traffic for nearly two hours on the journey down. I did notice that the revs were fluctuating from 1000-1500rpm and Andy at EA is looking into this for me but other than that I'm loving it and taking every opportunity to go for a drive even though the weather is crap. I've added the pics to my gallery and added them below
  7. Hi Guys thanks for all the positive comments. I'll do a write up & post some pics soon, its been a busy start to the week so haven't had much chance but I'm heading down to Goodwood on Friday with Mrs Livy for the weekend so planning to do a mini road trip write up then. It would be great to meet up with fellow Honda Elise MLOCers, if any of you are heading down to Goodwood it would be nice to put a faces to the names. Believe me I feel like I know you all already with the amount of post reading I've done of the last year. As with EA a lovely group of people. Andy had warne
  8. I thought I'd share my experience of Essex Autosport. After a good few years of my S1 being garage bound & gathering dust I decided to take the plunge & get it repaired but this time with something a lot more reliable & something that would give me the buzz I had when I first bought her. So after trawling the forums reading lots of posts about conversions I decided to have an N/A Honda done & eventually settled on EA. I gave them a long list of things to do & after eight weeks I collected her this morning. I can't thank Andy, Tony & the rest of the team for
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