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  1. Ah ok. No worries! Another time!
  2. I can only come out tomorrow. You doing the Pootle too Phil?
  3. I recognise your username too! How’s tricks? Life takes it little turns but always kept the Elise. It had a couple of years away being fettled. Had it back a year. But due to some minor world wide pandemic not used it much. passed its MOT today though so all good for tomorrow’s pootle.
  4. Yes be nice to see you too. I’ve had mine since 2007 and worked there in early 2000s. So my Elise is a bit well used shall we say. It’s seen quite a lot of action in it’s time. Now it’s back I hope to do a bit more with it and re engage with the community. I miss Howard. He was the first person I met through MLOC. Lovely guy and lovely group on here.
  5. Ah lovely! I’m just discussing it with a mate. I have approval from home. Well not approval I’ve checked I’ve not missed something so will be coming. So look forward to seeing you there!
  6. Cheers. You going to LITP?
  7. Ah cool! Thought I’d missed it. I’ll take a gander at the events. To be frank it’s looking worse than ever. Underneath is doing far better. So it’s a funny one as it looks terrible but drives really well. You may not want to associate with it!
  8. Stumason10


    Hi All, I used to frequent these parts and thought I’d say Hi! My Elise came home after a long refresh. So nice to have it back. Hope you are all doing well! Stu and Bucket (the Elise)
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