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  1. Collected my Exige from Central almost a year ago to the day, it was dry all week and pissed it down on the Saturday when I picked it up! Still didn’t spoil the experience, nothing better than collecting a new car. Hopefully you don’t get caught in the rain, have a great day, stunning car.
  2. Great looking car, next few months will fly by.
  3. Loving the rear clam release Leigh, on mine they needed constant adjustment due to the cables stretching. Keep up the good work, I’ll have to pop round for a look at some point.
  4. Great read and fantastic job. After spending a couple of years building a kit car and now having a nearly new lotus in the garage that wants for nothing, all these refurbishment threads are given me itchy fingers for a new project. Congratulations on putting a Jamie Oliver cook book to good use!
  5. Surprised ‘weight saving’ was not the official response from Lotus! 😁 You can buy the plate from Lotus, about £50 if I remember correctly, not sure how they are attached?
  6. Looks like lockdown is going to last a few more weeks at least, running out of jobs and inspiration for things to do around the house. Cleaned and polished all cars, now sat in sunshine looking for something interesting to do. Wife suggested building a wheelie bin store!! As far as the lotus is concerned, it’s less than a year old so nothing really to do, I’ve upgraded the front speakers and had the wheels off to apply ACF 50 to suspension parts, one thing that has always annoyed me is the supercharger is not painted black as per earlier Exiges. Painting it in situ would be difficult, what’s involved in removing it? Obviously the car is still under warranty so don’t want to get too involved removing anything that may be difficult to replace.
  7. First weekend or last weekend for me, can’t do the middle ones.
  8. I’ll be interested in this, don’t mind lending a hand in organising if it helps.
  9. Get it booked in for IVA, give you something to aim for! Looking really good Leigh. I actually drove past the end of your road this morning, picked up a really nice cover for my Exige from DaveB, if I'd known your car was back at home I would have called in for a look. Keep up the outstanding work, I'm sure it'll be worth it.
  10. Very nice. Bought an Exige a couple of months back and love it, very addictive, enjoy.
  11. Bigger than the one I hired! I hired a Vauxhall Vivaro like this one and we couldn't get the chassis in.. https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://petrolblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Vauxhall-Vivaro-Panel-Van.jpg&imgrefurl=http://petrolblog.com/2011/07/real-world-review-vauxhall-vivaro-2900-lwb-panel-van/&h=200&w=300&tbnid=1a-Fz4uhxDge-M:&docid=w7Ji87Wvq16-sM&hl=en&ei=E5x5Vsy0MoPter_nl_AH&tbm=isch&ved=0ahUKEwiMirbukfDJAhWDth4KHb_zBX4QMwgsKAkwCQ Apparently the chassis will fit in the tall transit on its side, you'll need a hand to get it out as its damn heavy to pick up and walk with.
  12. Hi Leigh Im not an Internet stalker honest, I came across this thread via a Google search and thought it looked familiar! Don't think Ive logged on to MLOC for about 10 years, not since I sold my S1. I was over at Lister Bell this afternoon and Craig told me that your order has shot up the delivery slots, that's cracking news, I guess you are pleased? My build has slowed up a bit, short day light hours and being busy at work doesn't help. Picked up some interior bits today, hopefully get back to it after Christmas. If you've not decided on final colour you've made the right decision with black for the chassis, give you a bit more time to keep changing your mind! I guess you're going wide arch, square or round? The original cars had a steel centre section as integral part of the chassis, so the road cars were sprayed as one (chassis and body same colour). The rally cars were obviously painted afterwards in sponsor colours hence you see pictures of original cars with chassis different colour to body. Let me know when you're picking up the chassis, and if you need any pointers you're more than welcome to come and have another look at mine. Cheers Nick
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