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  1. Thanks for the offer Martin. I’m now sorted, Will has lent me his, cheers.
  2. Mr Will on here has been kind enough to lend me his ball joint removal tool, thanks Will, put it straight to work this evening and removed all 8 ball joints without any problems. I have had the wishbones sand blasted prior to removing the ball joints, planning on taking them to Sandwells and having them coated with Xylan and Fosgard
  3. Yes the height adjustable Bilsteins were standard on the 135R. When I took them to the service centre in Leicester the guy that runs the workshop (Dave Masters) actually remembered doing work on them for Lotus back in 2002ish. I would like to keep them to maintain the originality, Dave did have concerns the body may be too corroded and they will end up replacing a large part of the shocker with new, in the end it will depend on the price they quote for the refurbishment.
  4. Thanks, I dont intend using the car for anything more than road and possibly occasional track day so I guess standard bushes will be fine. The problem is an attraction to shiny things and trying not to convince myself I need them because they must be better! Regarding the Lotus OEM bushes, any opinion on the Elise Parts OEM spec bushes which are quite a bit cheaper than the Lotus ones?
  5. Thanks Ray, it certainly is a labour of love, good thing being I am enjoying doing it. The problem is knowing where to stop, the more I get into it the more I can see that could be done. Don’t think you’ll see it out on a Sunday morning run for a few months!
  6. Had my Elise for a little over a month and making progress with the refurbishment project. The car is a 135R with relatively low mileage and has stood for around 6 years with little to no movement. As it arrived First job was to fit a new cam belt, water pump etc as there was no record of it ever being changed. All changed okay, car started and ran up to temperature Next job was to strip out the interior, remove front clam and make a start on the suspension that looks a little like its been stored on the Mary Rose All now stripped off and I hav
  7. Thanks very much, PM sent 👍
  8. Thanks for the post but its the tool for removing the ball joint from the wishbone I’m after rather than a splitter, like this: https://www.eliseparts.com/shop/steering-br-suspension-1/ball-joints-toe-rod-ends/ball-joint-removal-tool/
  9. In the process of stripping and refurbishing the suspension on my Elise and need to remove the wishbone ball joints. My plan was to buy the ball joint removal tool from Elise Parts but unfortunately they are currently out of stock. Does anyone have one sat redundant in their garage that I can buy or borrow?
  10. Hi Matt, the flooring was from Duramat, I bought the Duratile, I think my garage is about 5 metres square and cost around £500. Looking at the picture it could do with a clean! https://duramat.co.uk/category/all/duratile/ If your getting a final edition Exige it deserves nothing less, what model are you getting?
  11. Cheers Alex, it’s build number 027. Number 001 is interesting, was that originally a Lotus owned car? Is it blue or silver? Have you kept the original LSS suspension or gone for something different? I’m not sure which way to go at the moment, the car is 95% original and I’d like to keep it that way but from what I read the LSS set up is quite harsh for road use. I believe Bilstein will refurbish the original shocks. I’m no track god and the car will get mostly road use, so not sure if to go for something a little easier for the road and keep the original LSS shocks in a box so
  12. Thanks, I spent yesterday changing the old garage fluorescent tube lighting to new super bright LED batten lights, the difference is amazing, you could say it’s night and day! Well worth the effort, although now shows up all the marks on the Lotus paintwork!
  13. After building a couple of kit cars, one seven replica and a LB Stratos replica Ive been feeling a little bored (not helped by a year of lockdown). As some know I bought a nearly new Exige a couple of years ago, absolutely awesome car and more than I ever thought Id ever own but with it being new I found myself needing something to tinker with. The Exige went a few weeks ago and spurred on by a few threads on various forums of people doing restoration projects Ive gone ahead and bought myself a new 'project' to keep myself busy and out of the way of the wife. Its a 2003 135r, g
  14. Hi Adam, if you’re happy it’ll fit the 410 it’s yours.
  15. Hi all, I have recently sold my car so have a nice indoor cover for sale if anyone is looking for one. Its the one in the second post on this thread, great condition, has a couple of marks on the inside around the wheel area from brake dust, very light and would possibly come out with water. Very soft and lightweight. Its tailored for 350 sport so would also fit 390FE if anyone is lucky enough to have one on order. Guess it would fit a roadster but not sure on 410/430 due to the larger spoiler. Im going to stick it on SELOC but thought I’d offer it here first as someone may be
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