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  1. Whys Clarkson Slagging Off Lotus?

    I quite liked the article - basically true and a bit of a wry line at the end about yet another series of top Gear in a similar format....
  2. Non Loti Other

    Non Loti Other
  3. Pomeroy '11

    VSCC Silverstone
  4. Elise Servicing

    A Service Operations Change oil and filter Inspect for oil leaks Check gearbox oil Check alternator belt Check engine diagnostics using reader tool Inspect exhaust and check carbon monoxide output Check coolant hoses and level Inspect handbrake Check brake telltale operation (e.g. handbrake switch, brake fluid level switch etc) Check brake pad condition and thickness Check brake hoses (flexible and hardlines) and master / slave cylinders Check brake fluid level Check integrity and overall condition of suspension all round. Inspect dampers for leaks and operation Check wheel bearings for movement Check integrity of driveshaft boots Check steering joints and boots Check for minimal play at steering wheel Inspect tyres for damage/wear and set pressures Inspect battery terminals are correctly attached and in serviceable condition. Check all lights work Check all electrical devices work Check / set hinges and latches. Grease door check plate Check seatbelt operation and integrity. Fill screenwash reservoir Cost B Service Operations As 'A' Service plus Change air filter Change spark plugs Cost C Service Operations As 'B' service plus Change cam belt Change fuel filter Cost Every 12 mths Operations Change coolant Change brake and clutch fluid Every 24 mths <a name="Operations_5" id="Operations_5"> Operations Possible replacement of keyfob batteries
  5. Boot wont open

    If the cable has stuck/broken you can often open it by putting your arm inside the wheel arch on the drivers side and pulling back the wheelarch and fishing for the cable and pulling it yourself. Failing that you can try getting someone to push down and sidewards on the boot as the handle is pulled. Failing that remove the numberplate and drill a hole and access the mechanism that way. Eliseparts.com also now do an electric boot opener. Never keep valuables in the boot as it is very easy to open it if you know what you are doing.
  6. Radio loses its settings

    Switch around the two 12v wires in the connector block. The permanent-live and the switched-live are the opposite way round on some radios.
  7. General Pics

    Pics not related directly to Lotus
  8. Non Loti Other

    Non Loti Other
  9. Donington Show

    2008 Club Lotus Donington Show
  10. Non Loti Other

    Non Loti Other
  11. Non Loti Other

    Non Loti Other
  12. General Lotus Pics

    General Lotus Related Pics
  13. Pomeroy '07

    Pics of VSCC Pomeroy
  14. Cosworth Duratec Conversion

    Pics of the conversion in progress
  15. Duratec Conversion Components

    Pics of the components used within the conversion