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  1. Ruxpin

    Advice on Elise Sport 190 dampers

    If you are trying to keep it original (certainly worth it on a 190) why not get them rebuilt by Bilstein? The service centre is based in leicester. https://www.bilstein-shocks.co.uk/pages/bilstein-rebuild-service they rebuilt my S2 Bilsteins (non adjustable) last year. It might be worth asking what they can do with yours.
  2. Ruxpin

    340R Wheels

    At the price I’m guessing most 340R owners would have bought them as spares. I tried to, but just u2u’d rather than posting - forum amateur mistake.
  3. Ruxpin

    340R Wheels

    It’s going to be an expensive 4th wheel for one of you!!
  4. Ruxpin

    Lotus Sprinting 2019

    I’m really looking forward to next year. Lots of new events - I’ve only driven 3 or the 8 “lotus” rounds so it will be tough.
  5. Ruxpin

    340R Wheels

    This. Steve had a wanted ad on SELOC for ages. He has probably sourced alternatives by now and i expect he is unable to use the competitively. I have had to take them off our car for sprinting as mag wheels are not allowed.
  6. Ruxpin

    340R Wheels

    I did say beg....hopefully someone ends up happy and has a full set.... Rock, paper, scissors might be the only way
  7. Ruxpin

    340R Wheels

    SteveB on SELOC https://forums.seloc.org/member.php?action=viewpro&member=SteveB
  8. Ruxpin

    340R Wheels

    I don't know Steve personally other than some forum correspondence seeking advice when rebuilding our 1.9K. It was a few years ago he posted about damaging a rear - IIRC he was searching for a replacement rear. He may have sold them on by now but worth asking.
  9. Ruxpin

    LoT Black Friday prices

    I've not really looked at next years LOT calendar yet but i'm sure i'll be at Donington evening - always a great event.
  10. Ruxpin

    340R Wheels

    good buy - you must have beaten me to them! IIRC Steve Butts used to run them on his sprint car but broke a rear...if i had bought them i was going to contact Steve and beg...
  11. Ruxpin

    Winter work.

    The 340R is in bits after an oil leak from the oil filter housing at the Donington track day in Oct - pin sized hole/crack in the housing which is annoying. Also trying to sort the handing...I drove our duratec S1 at the end of the day at Donington and it made me realise how nervous the 340R is. Hope you get yours all sorted ready for the sprints/trackdays next year - calendar is looking good.
  12. Ruxpin

    Elise S1 shocks/springs

    S2 Bilsteins and a good GEO is all you need for road (and non competitive trackday driving tbh). They ride better than S1 Konis yet have better control when pushing on.
  13. Ruxpin


    Dan Webster posted this link to a video with a straight cut box on SELOC when discussion the noise. Part of me thinks cool, part of me thinks it will get very annoying on the road. If quaife (assuming they made the originals) were persuaded to reproduce a batch of helical cut ones for sensible money i would be in the queue.
  14. Ruxpin


    I think there was one on SELOC a few years ago at sensible money but at the time I didn't appreciate it. A chap in France on facebook was taking one out of his 340R recently but it was too much money and hassle being outside the UK. Someone was also offering the straight cut option on SELOC recently but i'm not sure i want the noise for the road even thought it would be great for my sprinting.
  15. Ruxpin


    If you do know someone Alan please point them in my direction . It's the helical cut set lotus developed (LOTAC05255 Ultra Close Ratio Gear Conversion Kit) i'm after rather than the straight cut ones which, as cool as they sound, will be too much for a road car.

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