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  1. Thanks guys, pretty much exactly what I’ve already tried. I’ll have another go soon, I’ve sprayed more 3 in 1 on it so hopefully it’ll work. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hi all, I’ve been at this about an hour but so far no luck. I’ve got a pair of front callipers to fit to my 2001 S2 Elise, but I’m having some trouble getting the hydraulic fitting undone. It seems to be seized in solid. Has anyone got any tips for what I can try? I guess it’s not been undone in 19 years and has corroded in to the aluminium body of the caliper. I’ve tried hitting it with a copper mallet, hitting the spanner with said mallet and also hearing it with a blow torch. I’m being quite careful with the latter as I’m acutely aware that there’s a rubber hose coming out of the fitting.
  3. Got it sorted now. Just needed a healthy dose of silicon spray.
  4. Ah yes, the long tail does make a difference. I need to find a way to feed the cable through the roof material. It’s in a sheath like a bike brake cable but the ends are not removable, from what I can see. I need to take a better look at it in good light. I have a feeling they are stitched in there.
  5. Thanks all. I had considered using a bike brake cable, as it looks like that’s what they’re made of originally. I just need to work out how to get it to clamp in to the end now.
  6. Should have said, it’s an early S2 K series. 2001 Y plate.
  7. As per the title, does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Apparently Lotus don’t consider it to be a serviceable item and don’t stock spares. The car is an early S2 with the long tail roof. The roof still works, it just doesn’t pull right anymore.
  8. Hi all, I’ve not been on here much recently, weirdly my Elise hasn’t been playing up! Although I do need to give it quite a bit of TLC at the moment. I took the battery out today to pop it on my trickle charger over the winter an noticed the boot lock was really stiff, thought that I’d better fix it when I have a few moments. Shut the boot then thought I’d take another look at the boot lock and immediately realised that although the mechanism of the lock itself is ok, it doesn’t seem to actually be attached to the latch. Can someone send me the info to get in? I appreciate that this info isn’t something you’d want on a public forum, would someone mind sending it me as a PM? Hopefully some of you remember meeting me a few years ago? I can also supply photos of the V5, videos of me unlocking the doors etc, failing to unlock the boot as required.
  9. Feels like lightening running through my veins, every time I look at you...

  10. Congratulations to my wonderful wife. Well deserved!

  11. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Is baking. Chaos in the kitchen...

  13. Merry Christmas everyone.

  14. Just watched tintin, but seriously, why is there a seamstress in the credits?

  15. Is it normal that a scar should itch nearly 2 years after the event that caused it?

  16. Solid works, an exercise in frustration...

  17. Looking forward to a week on the bike...

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