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  1. Thanks Timbo, there’s some interesting information in there. From what I’m reading on that site, all fuel injector hose should be R9 already, or have I misread that?
  2. Thanks Timbo, I’m actually a chartered mechanical engineer, so I understand the problem and that Lotus just haven’t tested it (and probably never will). My real question was just has anyone successfully used higher ethanol content fuel and not seen any problems as a result. As you say, the issues are likely to be corrosion of the fuel lines and hardening of the seals and rubber hoses, leading to a potential fuel leak. The Land Rover Freelander is supposed to be ok, so that would indicate that the engine itself and any Rover bits (fuel rail, injectors etc) are ok. It’s just any of the Lotus
  3. I agree, you don’t need to remap it to use 97 or higher RON, it would just be advantageous to do so. Mixing the two would give you E7.5 I guess, probably not worth the effort. interesting that the Esprit is ok though, but the Elise they’re saying no.
  4. Thanks for the advice, you’ve had pretty much the same ideas as me. We’ve changed the temperature sensors (both of them) so my only thinking now would be a dodgy connection in the loom somewhere. Luckily, I have a OBD code reader that can show live values from the various sensors on the car, so I’m going to plug that in and see if the ECU thinks the temperature is doing something odd (open circuit maybe).
  5. Hi all, My S2 Elise has developed a curious issue where the CEL is permanently lit and the fan runs from about 30s after the engine starts (stone cold) to a few seconds after the engine stops. Any ideas what to look for to fix it? There’s no codes shown when I plug the code reader into the OBD port.
  6. I had to map an engine from scratch about 15 years ago, at uni. That was involved! I was hoping to avoid ECU reprogramming!
  7. I thought it might be. I know the K series has a strange timing gear with odd missing teeth. I was hoping it would be as simple as moving the sensor in a slot.
  8. Yes, it will run fine on 97, 98 or 99RON fuel with no adjustment. You just can’t go the other way as you’ll get knocking under load due to pre-ignition of the fuel. There is some benefit to using super unleaded in that it usually has more detergent additives in it, so prevents coking of the intake valves and blocking of the injectors. My question was really about the ignition advance settings. Being able to run with increased advance will result in a slight increase in power and reduction in fuel consumption. Most modern cars have knock sensors so can adjust the ignition timing on the fly to t
  9. Hmm, could be a problem for me. I’m using my Elise as a daily driver now. Was hoping it wouldn’t be suddenly a lot more expensive! That said how do I advance the ignition on the K series, to take advantage of the higher octane?
  10. No listings for Lotus on the government site, unfortunately.
  11. Hi all, I’ve been looking into the new E10 fuel regs Government website coming in to force in September. There’s no information for Lotus on the government E10 checker website, but Land Rover is listed, and as we know, the Freelander used the 1.8 k series engine. The government website suggests that all Land Rovers with petrol engines from 1996 onwards are compatible. Lotus themselves say that they haven’t tested it so they can’t guarantee comparability. Lotus website So, officially, we’re using super unleaded from September onwards, but does anyone have any insights into running a K s
  12. I concur with Lithopsian, 4 socket head screws and the seat belt. Super easy. The carpet is easy as well, but if it’s like mine, the glue on the velcro will have gone hard and will just pull straight off. You’ll need to glue it back on afterwards.
  13. Feels like lightening running through my veins, every time I look at you...

  14. Congratulations to my wonderful wife. Well deserved!

  15. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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