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  1. Can I ask which one?
  2. Whenever I have a dilemma like this I usually drive both (ideally back to back) and it makes the decision a lot easier
  3. Speak to Carl (Carylove) he is an ex Elise owner and MLOC member. He owns Car Shine UK http://www.paintprotectionfilmuk.co.uk/ He has done paint protection film on a number of owners Lotus's over the years (inclduing 2 of mine) and does a great job.
  4. That is stunning! Good choice of Lotus to move onto I loved your 160 sport, shame you couldn't keep both
  5. A friend has just had his done and used Aurok: https://www.ohlins.com/distributor/aurok-ltd/
  6. Posts like this make me miss living in the midlands
  7. For what you want I reckon it's perfect. You get a Lotus Chassis for the driving pleasure (and it feels like an Elise chassis imo) but with the practicality you need. Again imo, but I felt the non S was ample power wise.
  8. Many years ago I remember going to see Steve at Gugliemi Motorsport and he said to me, you have two choices you can either keep your standard OEM toe links (which at the time were fine) and check them every so often to make sure they are ok and only replace when necessary. Or you can spend £350 and fit uprated ones and largely forget about them. Both options will give you the same outcome, the choice is yours. I kept mine standard for 2 years and did quite a few trackdays, and finally uprated when a second hand set came up.
  9. No his company is car-shine uk. He is an agent of paintprotectionfilm though. His website is undergoing a revamp but it has his contact details etc. http://www.car-shine.co.uk/
  10. That picture has reminded me Chris, do you still hear from Greg. I haven't spoken to him since his hospital stay?
  11. Nitron Street Series would give you a happy medium for road and the odd hillclimb.
  12. Haha I remember that trackday! That was also the day I found out that if you over fill the coolant reservoir and take it on track the results are not pretty!
  13. That photo shoot was great, and of course the Le Mans trip was unforgetable. What also sprung to my mind was G's stag do trackday at Anglesey. The rest of the UK had torrential rain and we had a bone dry track all day. But it was the journey home that was more memorable, with Bill (Fentuz) with no working alternator and me with a split driveshaft boot praying we managed the 4.5 hour journey home before my joint seized up or it went dark so that Bill would have to put his lights on!! And as always G's Exige was faultless!!
  14. at least I'm consistant
  15. Yours had a special add on it didn't it Laura, go on tell everyone about what you did to it...... Jon, if you're thinking MX5 you might want to consider an S2000 as well?