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  1. That picture has reminded me Chris, do you still hear from Greg. I haven't spoken to him since his hospital stay?
  2. Nitron Street Series would give you a happy medium for road and the odd hillclimb.
  3. Haha I remember that trackday! That was also the day I found out that if you over fill the coolant reservoir and take it on track the results are not pretty!
  4. That photo shoot was great, and of course the Le Mans trip was unforgetable. What also sprung to my mind was G's stag do trackday at Anglesey. The rest of the UK had torrential rain and we had a bone dry track all day. But it was the journey home that was more memorable, with Bill (Fentuz) with no working alternator and me with a split driveshaft boot praying we managed the 4.5 hour journey home before my joint seized up or it went dark so that Bill would have to put his lights on!! And as always G's Exige was faultless!!
  5. at least I'm consistant
  6. Yours had a special add on it didn't it Laura, go on tell everyone about what you did to it...... Jon, if you're thinking MX5 you might want to consider an S2000 as well?
  7. if you've got circa 9k you are in S1 territory there! I'll gladly help you find one mate
  8. Jon good to hear from you and glad you're coming back I heard you'd sold the beemer and wondered if you were coming back. I'm not fully knowledgable on the VX and other than the usual Elise checks I don't knowm much about the bits that differ (engine etc). I have driven one, a completely standard car and a slightly modified one (chassis not engine). My main comment was the standard VX understeered awfully (more than the standard S2 with 175 tyres) and the brakes and ABS were horrid. The modified one with wider front tyres, Exige brakes and Nitrons felt just like an S2 chassis. Send me a link to the car if you like and I'll forward it on to a friend who knows them well and may even know the car
  9. Martin, I remmber that, you taught me everything I know
  10. Ouch I was hoping that men get better with age - like fine wine! (I may just be turning 40 this year!!)
  11. 10 years!! No way! I've just looked back and I bought my first S1 in 2006 so that's 11 for me I till remember the first time I met you properly, I gave you a passenger ride around Donington and the harness straps wouldn't actually go tight enough to hold you in Then there was Le Mans, the one time I actually managed to make it accross the channel for a trackday followed by 2 Spa attempts - you ordered a steak and it came out as completely uncooked mince And then there was G's stag do - but that remains a secret!
  12. Brillinat car, congratulations! A caterham is the only time I wish I was shorter (I'm 6ft 3) as I can't fit into a standard one (pedals seems too close together) and the price difference between a standard and SV is just way too much for me! Enjoy!
  13. I was never sure about them and then I drove G's old Evora and it all made a lot of sense, great car with a real Lotus chassis feel but with more of a touring feel to the interior and looks. I always thought it would be the S that would be needed, but G's was a non S and had plenty enough power! Enjoy Max and if you ever go for a ride out to the Cotswolds drop in and show her off!
  14. Beautiful car! Good choice Alex!
  15. If you fancy a drive out to Cirencester you're welcome to borrow mine