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    A beautiful looking car, I am still considering the burnt orange. What sort of issues are you talking about as I am looking to use oakmere, eventually 😎
  2. Over 60.....lol....i don't feel so bad now 😁 You car looks great and I have pondered over the vivid green but leaning more to the sedate fire red. The heater was a massive Downside in my previous elise and as I intend to use it through the winter I am please that the heater has improved, even though the controls still resemble a 1970s cooker....
  3. Wow.... That is a long post.... Thanks for taking the time. It's interesting how good the experience you have had with B and C was, I have recently exchanged emails with them regarding a used lotus they had, I only mentioned that the distance from where I live was quite far and I would rather do a deal in one day rather than come back again, then received an unexpected email back that basically said they didn't want me to have it as they wanted someone local to purchase the car that would continue to allow them to look after it moving forward..... Anyway.... Your car looks fantastic and I pleased you obtained the deal and service you were happy with I think it will have to be a 250 for me, as advised I will contact everyone and see where I get. The digital dash is very interesting, I wasn't aware it existed, I will definately look into that. When you say, no where near RRP, how much did you save. I have specced up a 250 to 55k and being offered by 2 dealers at 52k?
  4. So yours is a 220 that has all the splitters/spoiler of the 250 with a re map ? That definitely isn't discreet.... I have been looking at the vivid colours, I quite like the green to be honest but I am leaning towards Fire Red as I intend to keep it for a long time and not sure how those colours will look in 10 years time.
  5. Thanks for posting the service schedule, I will look forward to year 4 🙁 The end of a long wait for you next week then, it sounds great and I am sure you will post up some pictures for us to see. I may see you around, I venture your way occasionally and I work around the midlands. You have got me thinking about a 220 again now, just when I thought I had decided........🙃
  6. That looks like a +2 for the 220...... I hear what you say about buying the style I prefer and that's my problem, I can't decide 😆 Sounds like I will be ok for servicing in my part of the world which is good. How does that work these days as previously it was A, B and C services, each more expensive than the next 🙁 How long have you been waiting for your 220 Cyph3r and why the 220 over the 250? I've been quoted Jan/Feb next year.
  7. Hi all I have been a member here since 2006 when I had a 2002 Elise sports tourer which was my every day drive for 3 years before I moved on in 2008. I now find myself, 12 years on, looking at Lotus Elise's again, thanks to my wife really as I was looking at Mercs, Audis and BMW's...... I appreciate that I have not been an active member, even back then (just lurking in the background) but hopefully you won't mind me asking a few Elise related questions 🙃 The first dilemma would be 220 or 250 ? As a man of advancing years (upper part of 40) should I be looking at the 250 with all the splitters and spoilers or the slightly more sedate 220, I know its personal choice but what would people consider to be the pros/cons of each, I am leaning towards the 250 but there is quite a price difference until you spec a 220..... My previous Elise used to suffer from frozen door locks where I had to heat the key on the hob to get to work some mornings and the heater in the car was useless, have the last 12 years improved on this ? I have attempted to contact several dealers recently with interesting responses and not in a good way, I thought that dealers would be falling over themselves to sell me a 50k car but it seems not, who is considered to be the best port of call for a new/almost new Elise ? I have had very positive contact from Oakmere having seen them mentioned on here and I paid them a visit yesterday where I had a drive of a 250 cup. What do you think 😎
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