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  1. This is on my doorstep Has anyone used them at all? https://www.stonesautogarage.com/ Didnt know they existed Cheers Andy
  2. Well I decided to go to PW PRO mainly because they were on my doorstep. I had the Front inspection cover, hardtop and Roll hoop cover done. They were supposed to the rear cluster section as well. The previous wrap was starting to peel and some was just done bad and the guy said the previous wrapper had obviously run out of talent when doing it. So when I noticed white paint showing on the inspection cover I decided to remove it and have a good look at it. You will see the results in the video below PW PRO WORK.mp4 I have peeled the whole the inspection and will be removing the rest of the wrap over the next few days because it is every bit as good. Would I recommend them ?? Well what do you think. Andy
  3. So ok I have had a little prod around and may have another go when I have more time. The first picture shows how it was and the second how it is now. I have basically scraped the corrosion from inside the rubber. It is not a permanent fix but it looks a little better and the rubber could probably be stuck down with some kind of silicon / adhesive type of stuff. But I only had 20 mins or so to have a dab at it. It looks better on the car than in the photos to be honest. it will never look like new thats a fact
  4. The s3 rubber is a one piece affair. totally different to what is shown in the above.
  5. I have s3 Things are a little different £112 + vat each side original parts There is a guide on the soloc wiki to remove them. Which I have followed ....very easy. The rubbers have alli insert which has coroded/disintegrated because the ends are not sealed. Thus has caused the bubbling under the rubber It looks like I will eventually have to buy new unless there is a scrapper out there Andy
  6. Hi Ok both of the window rubbers on my doors have deformed and gone bubbly. Has anyone got an easy fix for this other than buying new ones. Andy
  7. Hi Thanks for the info....much appreciated. I will need some sort of adesive to fix the rubber on with .....what would be the best stuff to go with? Andy
  8. Its nothing special then........... should be nice and cheap hopefully. Diffuser is costing me £40.00 should have it back by wednesday so i will get ordering cheers Andy
  9. Hi Today I have removed the rear diffuser on my Lotus elise (S3) and took it to be powder coated. I need to source some of the rubber trim that is fixed to the outer edges. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Cheers Andy
  10. Hi Almost forgot about this. This is the material I made the seat runner tensioner out of. It is an electricians draw tape for conduit. I am aSparky by trade. Kinda lucky really because this was due to be thrown out as it was going rusty in the back of the garage. It is made of spring steel and if you are not careful it will snap when trying to put a sharp bend into it. This was the first try at making the tensioner. Unfortunatly I didn't make it long enough, I forgot about having to bend the other end up once fitted. But I,m sure you get the idea.
  11. I have had my seats again today after the peaks run and I have managed to make some. Details later!! First impressions are that it works. The seat is nice and tight now.
  12. I have the same issue....... I have to steer in at 45% putting 1 wheel up first not at 90% to the drive to get up the ramp avaoiding scrapes
  13. Hi Andy I have had the seat out today and there is a lot of play between the two halves of the runners so I have slotted them back in while I contemplated my next action. and that I want to get out in the car this weekend. Then it rained so I did some more research. After a fair amount of googling I found this. Item number 14 isnt on my car because it is a later modification from lotus. Here is the modification Its from this thread https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/topic/92601-exige-s3-loose-drivers-seat-thread/#comments If you go to about page 6 on the topic you will find reference to it. and according to the people who have fitted them it works a treat. Many have had them fitted under warranty. bit late for me ☹️ Trouble is its they are £41.94 from here. https://www.sjsportscars.com/parts-and-accessories/A142V0001K.htm Even more through the lotus parts site Deroure Just wondering if its worth trying to make a pair. Cheers Andy
  14. Thanks for the reply I have had chance to put my ass into the seat this morning. I cant seem to replicate the problem just by sitting in the seat and moving it back and forth so it might not have been engaged properly in the past. However there is a certain amount of play when moving my weight about in the seat. when I test the seat with no weight in it there is also play, feeling like it rocks a little front to back across the diaganal. Is this normal?? or should the seat be tight in all positions? All visible bolts and screws etc are tight.
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