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  1. Indoor cover

    I wanted an indoor cover just to keep dust off, so I bought a generic cover off Amazon - seems to do the job. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N63OBPL/ £36.00
  2. S2 first appeared with the long tail hardtop. The now familiar short roof was announced in March 2002.
  3. The last MOT was done at a Jam Makering Company, not a garage or independent test centre. I assume that have or had MOT testing facilities for their own vehicles. One of my LotusExcel.net colleagues has suggested that this might mean that the owner then was connected to the company in some way. It might be worth contacting them to see if they can help. WILKIN AND SONS LIMITED TIPTREE COLCHESTER CO5 0RF
  4. I have copied your post over to LotusExcel.net
  5. Mulling over a Lotus Excel as a daily...

    One of my friends in the Excel community uses his as his main car and it has just passed 200,000 miles! I have had mine since March 1994 and although not a daily it is used regularly (last weekend at CarFest North on Dream Rides) and it has only ever had one recovery when the SU fuel pump failed (it was about 13.5 years old). Galvanized chassis and composite body plus lots of Toyota bits make for a very reliable car.
  6. Roger Becker Rip

    A message from the family of Roger Becker: (on his Facebook page) "It is with great sadness that we announce that Roger passed away peacefully in the early hours of Friday 24th February after a long but courageously fought battle with cancer. His strength and determination in facing all that he went through with his health challenges was an inspiration to us all, he was true Roger Becker to the end. We wanted to share this here as we know there are many of you around the world whose lives have been touched in some way by him. It would be a comfort to us as a family at this difficult time to receive any happy memories, pictures or words you'd like to share about Roger. Please email them to his daughter at kristie_b@icloud.com where they will be gratefully received and cherished."
  7. CFS201601

    My Excel at Carfest South 2016

    © Paul Griffiths

  8. Unit 4

    Another excellent service from Gav today. A good bloke to have available.
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