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  1. i wanna ferrari

    Which elise to go for?

    Its just one of those which do you follow decisions - heart says 135R as ive always wanted one and I love the look of it with the colour coded exterior bits and blue interior plus it is said to be the best of the elises. Head says get a Toyota engined car for reliability and fact it will be newer etc. Heart usually rules over head for me so will probably end up waiting for a 135R to come up for sale - if anyone has one that you are considering selling - please get in touch.
  2. i wanna ferrari

    Which elise to go for?

    The boot on the Evora isnt big enough unfortunately plus I dont want to sell the Mustang - I like it
  3. i wanna ferrari

    Thoughts on my new motor - NLC

    Very nice - I had one of these for 5 years and loved it. The reason that it feels slow is because its so refined. I put a Larini sports exhaust on mine along with high flow cats. Not only did it make it sound amazing, it does wake the car up and make it feel an awful lot faster. I assume that you have already removed fuse 22?
  4. i wanna ferrari

    Which elise to go for?

    So I have been Lotusless for over a year now and hence I need to get back in one but just cant decide which to go for. I sold the exige 350 last year when my daughter was born and replaced it with a new V8 Mustang as it has back seats and a big boot so is practical enough for when I need to take her to nursery etc but still good fun when I am in the car on my own. I therefore cannot sell this and get another exige so the plan is to keep it and buy another car to go with it and I thought an elise would be ideal. The question is which one? My first lotus was an elise S1 160 so ive been there done that. I had always wanted a 135R but they are so rare these days and will have a 16 year old K series so be risky. My budget is £20k max and for that you can get a 11R but this will also be fairly old now as £20k only buys 2004 / 05 cars. The other option is an early S3 but these have the 1.6 engine and I cant help but think that given what I am used to, this wont be anywhere near quick enough for me. So the 135R is a car ive always wanted but I may be waiting a while for one to come along and it is likely to be unreliable and expensive to run. The 111R will be an early one meaning that again it will probably be fairly expensive to run / tax etc and I would need to spend a bit to change the cam change point to make it nicer to drive. The S3 will be significantly newer and cost a fraction to run of the other two but I am likely to get bored of it very quickly. Whilst it is a nice position to be in, I just can't decide which to go for - any advice would be welcomed. Thanks.
  5. i wanna ferrari

    S2 Elise Exige-S V6

  6. i wanna ferrari

    S1 Elise Standard

  7. i wanna ferrari

    Azure blue s1 elise

    pics of my car

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