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  1. Two vehicles spring to mind for me: UK Honda Integra Type R - test drove one when they were availbale new and is still one of the most enjoyable drives ever. Light, revvy engine, great recaros. fabulous. Pinzgauer. 6WD version. Oh yes you will be mine. Thankfully I've no where to put one at the moment. Sometimes my man logic says a 6wd mk1 rangerover is a more sensible classic but that soon wears off.
  2. Actually I ended up at Central Lotus this afternoon and Adam was amazing - really quickly fixed the valve which was not fitted correctly and took the time to talk through a few other items too. Really impressed. I know where I'll be going in the future for such things.
  3. Well it looks like I have a slow puncture on one of my A048s on my recently purchased S2 Exige. The Alloys were recently powder coated so I'm hoping for the moment that there's a fault with the tyre fitting / valve. Failing that I'm going to hunting about for a front tyre. Anyone know a trustworthy tyre fitting garage I could pop to to get them to take a look? After a less than satisfactory experience with a big chain fitter in Ilkeston wrecking an alloy on my evora I'm keen to ba cautious with my alloys.
  4. maxj0

    Back in Red

    It's having the light pods relaquered so won't have it for two weeks I'm afraid.
  5. maxj0

    Back in Red

    Thanks everyone. I really liked it, and there’s so few about at the moment. The spec is something like: Hangar 111/Komotec 280 kit Charge cooler system 4 Pot brakes Ali Belled front discs Aluminium radiator upgrade JRZ adjustable coilovers Paddle clutch Moroso Sump Electrical cutoffs and Cup spec fire extinguisher fitted I think is has the hanger111 signature exhaust too, which seems unfeasibly loud. Might need swapping for trackdays I think, but sounds great on the road.
  6. maxj0

    Back in Red

    Having recently sold my Evora, I'm ever so pleased to say that I'm back in an Exige S2 as of this morning. Popped over to Jon Seal and have placed a deposit on the red Exige S280. Damn that thing shifts - I'd forgotten the drama of an exige. And Jon was very helpful. Actually get it in two weeks or so, so for now I'll just leave you with a photo of my new toy... Hope to join you on an MLOC run some time soon.
  7. maxj0

    S2 Exige

    Photos of my S2 Exige
  8. maxj0

    Max's S1

    Photos from Oulton Park
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