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  1. Submitted - hopefully not too late!
  2. We are going. Might see you there!
  3. Was there a hose or spring clamp around each end of the hose you removed? Has one of those dropped off to make the 'clunk'? If it did, then the hose will not be sealing fully and causing an air leak, hence the hunting. Photo might help aswell...
  4. Hi Rob. Only real downside of the JRSC is the heat and noise they produce due to the speed they run at on the K20a. Another option you may want to consider is a larger M90 unit or TVS1320 which pumps more air, hence can spin it slower, therefore quieter and not so hot.
  5. My word, that is a thing of beauty. Cracking work.
  6. I apologise for the unjust suspicion - knowing Laura and how well she looks after her cars.. well, I couldn't believe it. You must be gutted - I know I would be. Let the search continue, and the right one will appear.
  7. Lee seems to know a little too much about it if you ask me...