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  1. What do you need Chris..?
  2. Submitted - hopefully not too late!
  3. My word, that is a thing of beauty. Cracking work.
  4. I apologise for the unjust suspicion - knowing Laura and how well she looks after her cars.. well, I couldn't believe it. You must be gutted - I know I would be. Let the search continue, and the right one will appear.
  5. Lee seems to know a little too much about it if you ask me...
  6. For reference: Original pins are 10.0mm diameter, Eliseparts pins are 10.8mm.
  7. Hi all. Myself and Bis have a little side company to keep us busy making side skirts and splitters for the S1 Elise. Only S1 Elise for now, but maybe S2 Elise and other flavours later, depending on how popular the S1 ones are. Side skirts are clearly unique and shaped to suit the side profile of the car. The front splitter is also unique to us - having looked at some on the market, we wanted a slightly different profile, one that matched the profile of the front end particularly around the corners. Can supply both with fittings kit and instructions for completeness. Feel free to get in touch, here, Seloc, or via our website www.111racing.co.uk Some pictures of the side skirts below..