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    My younger son & I took a little trip out to the the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby last Saturday for a photo shoot with the Lancaster bomber NX611 "Just Jane".
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    Hi Guys, Picked up my first Lotus on Friday after moving on my 997 C4S. I didn't even test drive or even see the car in person (first time I've done that!) I'm loving the driving experience, the looks and the lack of technical gizmos. Will be my daily driver fro the next few months after which I should be able to get hold of something normal for the work commute. Might have a go a cleaning the garage out today - should be decent weather I've heard. It's a 2017 220 Sport purchased from the Westover Group Dorset. Daz
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    Can we take a step back here and ask the fundamental question - how old are you Rich? If you are younger than me (60) I would say 'man up', get some warm up exercises done, and continue squeezing into your Exige as neither of your proposed replacements do anything for me at all. Hope this helps? Regards, Andrew
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    P4n fake taxi edition. Still makes me chuckle...
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    Welcome to MLOC and a that's great looking Elise You have a few options close to the Nottingham area and listed below in no specific order - Central Lotus in Nottingham - Full Lotus dealership and gets good feedback, dealer prices thou. PJS Sports Cars in Burton - Privately owned and an approved Lotus service centre, I've had 1st hand experience and can highly recommend. UNIT 4 in Burton (or better known as Gav's on MLOC) Gets great feedback from the MLOC and wider community. I'm sure others will be along shortly with further input. Andy.
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    Changed the handbrake cable today and its a vast improvement, no more rear brake binding. The cars done close to 80K now so cant complain really. A lot of them not easy miles I might farm out the crank seal to Gav, im sure he will be chuffed.
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    What a terrific advert for the VHPD this thread is! 😁
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    Rich, I'd say get out there an drive as many examples as you can. I don't have any experience with either however audi auto/trip tronic boxes are mega money if and when they fault. Marcus Garner has had experience with the vantage and more than likely the r8 as well. I'd say give it a try we are only here once and not for as long as we'd like. Worst case you buy it don't enjoy it you just sell it again!
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    A little bit of a clean up, made a start on the first corner... Its not in bad shape at all I'm really happy, wishbones are all powder coated too. Had a quick go at the body it's far from brilliant but its a good start.
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    Hello Dan, I've also previously owned an S2 Exige S260 with the 2ZZ engine but currently have an S2/3 Elise S Cup (220) with the 2ZR engine, Both are different mainly down to the power delivery and rev range. The Exige S260 probably has more character and all hell breaks loose when the power band kicks in just below 5K rpm right up to 8K where as the Elise with 220 2ZR has a more linear power delivery from below 3K rpm through to 7K. Which one is better, I'm not sure..... Both have pro's and cons. The power delivery of the Elise is definitely more usable and requires less gear changes on track but as said lacks the character and the explosiveness of the 2ZZ. In regards heat soak, I definitely experienced this 1st hand with the Exige at Le Mans and few years back but had no such issues with the Elise this year at Le Mans in 35c temperatures, This is due to the Elise being charge-cooled. Also, 2ZR has more torque Andy. PS - There's a few of us on track at Donny on 29th Oct, your welcome to a PAX lap in mine and I'm sure there will be a Exige S that someone will be happy to take you out in.
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    This seems to be quite a common theme with people who spend ages restoring / building cars! Maybe the fun and interest is all in the building and that's what you love doing. The OH thinks I'll be the same with the Stratos and once it's built I'll not want to use it. A couple of fellow LB builders have sold very soon after completion. Either way someone will get an amazing car Jonny!
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    If you had raised the missing calendar in 2014 we would have sorted it for you. Certainly they all went out as its a massive task getting them all ready for posting and I did it that year so I know just how long it took! It's actually an eye opener when you send so much large mail out how much of it actually goes missing en route! For some history, when I started MLOC it was all run from my own pocket, which became unsustainable over time. We then switched to a donation model which worked well to start with but the donations went away after the initial flurry. We then moved to advertisers to keep the site running which went well but generally internet advertising for banners seems to be on the demise with less people wanting to do so year on year. In the mean time to become part of the MSA and have their insurances for events we needed to have MLOC as a limited company, the MSA rules mean we need to have members or we are not able to join them, thus the paid member was started. Personally I would prefer not to have paid members as I prefer to let everyone have full access to the site and only rely on advertisers to keep the site running. That's why there are limited member benefits as I set it up originally so that everyone could post as many photos as they wanted or send as many messages as they wanted for example, not just paid up members as other sites do. The price has been kept low at £1 a month for that reason. In terms of money made on previous years from the members signing up its pretty minimal once we have paid out for the calendars and postage which keep increasing in price every year. The main reason for membership is to allow us to keep the MSA membership going and it does also help contribute to the sites finances, all time and effort is given for free by everyone so no one is taking any money personally from the site, no mileage expenses or anything like that. More recently now that we have equipment purchased the LITP events have been making money and thus enabled us to allow donations to charity after we have made a small profit towards running MLOC.
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    He might have run off with P4n, he doesn’t want to be seen with us horrible lot anymore either.
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    Might also be worth checking the toe links are all free and in good usable condition.
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    Nothing to do with Lotus. But any fans of "The Italian Job" will love this, I think it is brilliant, just about every major scene captured in 4 minutes and in Lego. https://brickset.com/article/17341/the-italian-job
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    I know of a nice signiture orange Club racer with less than 5k miles and has spent its life in a temperature controlled bubble..
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    After last winter where i did the usual - wishbone, blasting, zinc plating POR15, new ball joints, spherical bearings, track rod, rack out, rear subframe, blasting, reinforcing, zinc plating POR15, Engine mount refurbishing, engine re positioning, uprated new outer CV and driveshaft rebuild, Gearbox rebuild and chassis clean This year i am only just removing all body work including sills, replace or repair heater pipes, trim up new sills, prep replacement clam, boot lid and the other panels all ready for nice shiny coat of new paint Then put all back together and plenty of shiny polish. While all that is at the painters i may just pull the engine out, have a look at my gearbox whine, fit my other inlet manifold and TB.
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    I wasn't go to do to much.... Now I've read this I might whip the engine out
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    Gav Unit 4 Burton. Solid
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    Yeah the old matts were grey but had no heel pad. The heel pad set in the exige were great so when I saw these I thought why not... Test fit and there perfect, maybe 6mm too wide but I can see that's from the side carpet Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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    I have those mats in mine albeit the long passenger side mat for no footrest. The edging goes grey over time but Simon applied some trim dye to mine a couple of years ago and it spruced them up no end
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    Welcome to mloc Robbie. I too have a 2003 Elise but sadly I know next to bugger all about tappets! Martin R will probably be along in a bit with some sage advice. If you need someone to do the work though I would recommend using Gav at Unit 4 Vehicle Services in Burton. He's very reasonable and an excellent mechanic, with huge experience of these cars. I can also tell you Lotus say cam belts should be changed every four years so I would check if yours is due anyhow. Good luck! Dean
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    At long last, I'm back in the fold. I collected an Elise S this afternoon, and haven't stopped giggling. Who knew that a Lotus could have torque?! Many thanks to Kate, at Paul Matty's, who made the whole process so straightforward.
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