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    😂😂🤣🤣 savage..
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    Hi Guys, I've just joined the forum so thought I should say "Hi!". I am Joe, I have an Exige 410 Sport in Military Grey. It is my second Exige - the first being a black 350 Sport. I am 100% smitten with my 410 and hope to keep it for many years to come. I live in Northants on the Cambs/Rutland border and i am a life-long petrol head. I have a regular column in Absolute Lotus Magazine and i am a photo hawk on Instagram @jcxmig posting tons of pics of MIG 191 my beautiful 410. I also feature on the #MyLotus page richly filled with Lotus owner stories. I recently attended the C&M meet organised by Lotus Cars and was pleased to meet a bunch of guys who I had gotten to know a bit via Instagram and i guess some may well be on here too. I look forward to meeting more of you in due course. Cheers! Joe
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    Very nice. Or 131 of these for the same price 🤣
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    Ah ok, Aston is more Rotherham side (the right Aston?) so a few extra hills between us Anyhow I'm out of the picture for a month, 2 weeks holiday then 2 weeks isolation so no runs for me for a while You lot had better behave yourselves while I'm away!
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    Hi All Thanks for all your feedback and as you suspected it was the battery, and thanks to Jonathan E a new battery was collected and fitted today! Here’s hoping that the weather will be good this Sunday so I can make up for the aborted drive last Sunday keep safe all Kevin
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    You’ll need to remember where your car is first 😂
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    I would like to give a massive thumbs up to pjs lotus at burton on trent. My car comes come back today in 35 years of car ownership I have never known such a nice place to deal with. You can ring anytime and you never get that "its him again feeling" Prices good and work done fantastic. Workshop pristine . Paul and his team weldone mate.
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    An older/second hand car will always hold its value better because somebody else has taken the initial hit in regards to depreciation this bit is no different from any other car. Things get a bit different when it comes to options, touring packs are popular but add little come resale time, hard tops are great if the car is going to be used all year round, having said that, a dry and bright winters day with the roof off is hard to beat. I’ve never purchased a new Elise with a hardtop and those that came with a hardtop I’ve sold the hardtop on as a separate item, some people like them for track days but personally I think they are an expensive option which is also a bit of a faff to change over, and if your looking at newer cars the soft tops have got better over time. Most newer cars come with a stereo, they’re pretty pointless over certain speeds this will certainly be the case with the factory supplied units and most prefer to listen to the soundtrack of the car, however there are a few out there that have upgraded the head unit to Knebworth* matching standards, adding huge amps and speakers so they can drive aimlessly around their local town centre playing a choice of crap music at ear damaging levels for the benefit of people within a 3 mile radius of their car, not only does this go against the Lotus ethos, it also makes you look a weapons grade bellend to boot, and should be avoided. A/C is a real anomaly, I’ve just purchased my 10th Elise it’s the first I’ve ever had with air con, I was strongly advised to add it as an option, I don’t think it adds value at resale but it probably does make the car more desirable, I’m very much in the no A/C camp here, the car is a convertible take the roof off if it’s hot, but that’s from someone who has always been very aware of the cars power to weight ratio and in the end I figured that losing 25kg from my personal fat bastard framework and the addition of the extra bhp from my previous 111s the addition of a/c wouldn’t be noticeable and I can report it isn’t, although it is renowned for breaking so if your buying second hand check it works well. The single biggest thing in regards to Lotus ownership is the mindset, don’t expect it to be on a par with German/Japanese build quality, it will have “issues” even new ones do, be prepared to have to take a screwdriver or spanner to it occasionally, if something squeaks or falls off be prepared to roll your eyes and sort it yourself, fast Audi and Fords will beat you off the lights and probably be faster too and every Chavved up shit bucket will want to race you. Your car will probably leak too. I’m not sure what age you are or your personal situation but they are not a fanny magnet, young boys will take a very keen interest in the car, girls will think your missing something in the trouser department and give you a very wide birth. The above are just my opinion, but one thing is a given, get it onto a decent road or track and you won’t stop smiling! Hope the above helps. *age related content, google for information if required.
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    Let’s see them ......
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    I’ve been spending most of my time driving around the fantastically empty roads of Wales, very few vehicles, no scameras and beautiful views, sadly it’s in a Mercedes Sprinter rather than a Lotus🙄, delivering groceries for a well known supermarket. I did the same thing for a short time when I set up my own business three and a half years ago which is now on hold, they rang me a couple of weeks back and asked if I’d be interested in doing some shifts for them as they were desperate for drivers and I’d had the training( it’s not as simple as it looks you know). With the odd exception like the couple who were dressed in full NBC suits complete with WWII gas masks who insisted I deliver their groceries to the middle of a field and kept at least 100m away, and the old boy who threatened to shoot my tyres out because the store had substituted his famous grouse whiskey for the own brand stuff, I’m still not convinced he was joking either. Most people have been so grateful to not only get their groceries but also to see a different face, some of the customers live miles away from anyone and I’ve discovered some fabulous new roads for when my car finally gets to me, who knows when. Gets me out of the house too. Good to see your all keeping occupied and staying safe, that driving rig reminds me of my Sprinter van cockpit, Not!!
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    Er, why not just do the frames, you'll use alot less paint! 🤔
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    Dean your going to have to stop playing with yourself 🤣
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    I really hate that Gav @ Unit 4, thinks he know it all... HE REALLY DOES 🤣 So service no.2 since he got it running 600 miles run in found a few little niggles....2 little oil leaks, tiny and minor. Rear offside bearing, which TBH I thought was tyre noise and the sill coolant pipe is weeping. Luckily reachable. A days work he says.... I say fricking awesome. All in all I'll take that and I'll tell you What, it's running like an Arabian bloody stallion. My car is MEGA 😎
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    Great drive out to Hathersage this morning for a swim in the open air pool which is fab, heated to 28deg all year. First proper drive out on quiet roads after changing squealing 2 piece disks for EBC turbos so I could properly enjoy the car. What a machine 😍💨
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    It’s funny you say that as I’ve been trying to buy an S1 111S for three years!! It’s still a possibility if I can persuade him to part with it. My powers of persuasion have failed so far. They’re all special in their own way Dean, as we all know. 👍🏻👍🏻
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    It could be two soon lol, thanks for the heads up 👍
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    We have family in Retford and noticed the Hop Pole was open again and even as a Lotus flag outside lol. Was thinking about going to last meet there but for some reason could not make it, is it worth the trip?
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    Welcome aboard very nice car hope you get on one of our runs soon
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    Love the Elan +2. Welcome, looking forward to meeting you and seeing the car 👍🏻
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    Both lovely looking cars, I do have a soft spot for Elan +2 Welcome to MLOC
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    That looks totally stunning Hugos very envious.
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    Not much by way of updates from the last few weeks, as the car is pretty much finished, but I have done some serious miles in it - more on that below. It's a really lovely thing to drive now, no squeaks or rattles, nicely set up, it feels just right for fast road use. As promised here are a few pics together with a bit more info on the things I did soon after the clam refit.. Door waist seals I've had these for ages, they were bought from Elise-shop in the winter. Not cheap but I think they are probably the best replacements available, on balance, and they finished it off nicely. The old ones were pretty horribly corroded in places. When fitting the new ones I added a good dose of Corrosion block grease to the edges and ends where the steel inserts are visible, so that they at least resist corrosion for a bit - though given how old the others were, I'm not losing any sleep over it! I used a magnet to fish out the fixing clips from inside the doors after removing them, and made a tool to refit them, out of an old wardrobe ranging rail bracket 😂 Front wheel arches - black vinyl I made a quick paper template and then used it to cut some black vinyl bits to cover the body coloured bits in the wheel arches that are visible with the mud flaps on etc. I wouldn't normally bother but being a high miler there was a fair bit of gravel rash in there, which let it down a bit given the freshly painted front clam. With the wheel back on it all just looks nice and dark in there now. I know, I know, OCD..... Steering Wheel change (again) After a great run to the Peaks I realised I preferred the bigger original S1 Nardi wheel (320mm) to the Momo 300mm wheel I had fitted during the refresh work - so I refurbished the wheel centre using silver spray paint and a nice clear matte lacquer finish, then refitted it. Normal S1 'feel' resumed 😄 Engine Bay - quick clean It's amazing how well this cleans up with 5 mins effort ! Nitrons After a few good drives and runs I've tweaked the Nitrons again. This time I've gone 5 clicks softer front and rear, and to me it feels a lot better. I had heard that the Street Series 2 work better towards the soft end and I think that's bang on. New front brake pads I decided to fit better front pads for more bite, so after a bit of advice, and bearing in mind that it won't be a track day warrior, I went for a set of Mintex M1144 pads. They have now bedded in and they are a lot better than the old ones - obviously it's early days but at £47 it seems to be a very good inexpensive option to me. I picked up some Ceratec paste/lube for the back of the pads too, where the pistons contact them. I was grinning at my new found skills when fitting them - I couldn't even change pads when I started all this and now it takes me 5 minutes per side! Driving it.....a lot ! So I've been driving it rather a lot. Over 1,000 miles in the last 3-4 weeks including a few long local runs, a trip to Oxfordshire, and a long trip to Scarborough to visit my Mum for her 80th, during which I had an 'A' service en route thanks to a Lotus in the Peak raffle prize that I hadn't used yet! The highlight though was definitely the MLOC run to the Peak District, about 190 miles in all, the car felt great all the way through and I still can't believe how much the geo has transformed the way it drives. If you're in any doubt about whether you need a geo, I'd strongly recommend you to get it done. Fair to say it was the centre of attention at times during our breakfast stop in Hassop, I was a bit embarrassed to be be honest as it's just a lowly Elise S1, given the frankly stunning Evoras / Exiges there including Phil's lovely SR and a couple of 410's, not to mention all the other fine examples of this magnificent marque. Great drone photo from Paul.. I also took some photos of it at an old farm I had spotted on a previous visit, round the corner from my Mum's house. Hard to believe but it absolutely poured down during the 1 minute drive back - roof off.....🤪 135 camshafts Oh - and how could I forget these - I've had a pair of 135 camshafts fitted, exactly as per the Sport 135. What a huge difference that has made, it just carries on pulling and pulling all the way to 7,000 rpm. Absolutely love it. The trade off is just a tiny bit less torque low down, but it's hardly noticeable. It has to be the very best "no brainer, bang for your buck" upgrade for a standard S1 or S2 K series, at approx £100, with no ECU remap needed - so you can keep the standard ECU. Much as I like to keep things quite standard cosmetically, I'd quite like to fit some subtle (small) 135 decals in the same style as the original Sport 135 ones (Dan at DH can make them for me). I'm thinking of fitting them under the indicator side repeaters, but I’m open to ideas.......
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    • Vehicle provenance documents and highly desirable Lotus collectables now available to Lotus owners worldwide • First recipient is a stunning 1981 Turbo Esprit, authenticated as Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s last ‘company car’ • UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher also drove it, further increasing its provenance • Recently acquired by Lotus, the Esprit will be restored and join the company’s collection (Hethel, UK – 10 August 2020) – Lotus is launching a new Certificate of Provenance programme, revealing the first recipient as a stunning and celebrated Turbo Esprit that was the final ‘company car’ of Lotus founder Colin Chapman. The 1981 model, which was also driven by UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during a visit to Norfolk, has recently been acquired by Lotus. Following a sympathetic restoration it will join the company’s collection. The new Certificate of Provenance is designed to appeal to owners of Lotus cars from any era. They could buy one for themselves or receive it as a gift from friends or family. It is delivered in a distinctive ‘For The Drivers’ Lotus presentation box, which contains: • The Certificate of Provenance – printed on premium paper, this provides a summary of the car’s details including the VIN, paint colour and specification. The certificate also notes the date on which the car completed its production at the Hethel factory and was passed to the Lotus sales team. • The Build Specification Letter – drafted using detailed vehicle information from the Lotus archive*, this document provides more in-depth information about the car, including its engine, transmission, standard features and optional extras. • A personalised letter to the customer signed by Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars, thanking them for their purchase and updating them on the transformation which is taking place at Lotus. The three documents are presented in a simple black envelope placed inside the presentation box. Beneath it is a selection of Lotus collectables, including an aluminium plaque engraved with the owner’s name and information from the Certificate of Provenance; a leather Lotus keyring; a carbon fibre bookmark featuring the brand’s nine most significant motorsport laurels; a presentation tin of four badges; and a Lotus ink pen. The Certificate of Provenance is available worldwide through Lotus retailers. In the UK it costs £170 + postage. Prices in other markets may vary. The 1981 Lotus Turbo Esprit has the UK registration plate UVF 464X and was first registered to Lotus on 1 August of that year. Its own Lotus Certificate of Provenance reveals it was allocated to company founder Colin Chapman for his exclusive use. Following Chapman’s death in December 1982, it was sold by Lotus in July 1983 and has been in private hands ever since, covering just 11,000 miles and regularly maintained. Finished in metallic Silver Diamond paint with ‘Turbo Esprit’ decals, the factory-fitted optional extras include a full red leather interior, air-conditioning and a Panasonic audio system integrated into the headliner. However, the specification is completely unique as it has several features added at the request of Chapman to improve his own driving comfort and enjoyment. These include power steering – it was the first Esprit ever to have this technology – plus modified and lowered suspension, modified brakes and BBS Mahle lattice alloy wheels. On 5 August 1981 the car was used by Chapman to promote the latest Lotus range to the then UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, when she toured Norfolk. After landing at Norwich Airport and talking to Chapman, she sat behind the wheel and drove it round the site’s private roads. Local media reported that she had said: “I was tempted to drive away in it.” Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars, commented: “What better way to launch our Certificate of Provenance than by showing how it has validated the celebrated history of an iconic and unique Turbo Esprit. The Lotus archive is a fully catalogued database of information and can provide a wealth of insightful facts on any Lotus car from any era. It’s the perfect gift for a Lotus owner anywhere in the world.” Speaking about the unique Turbo Esprit, he added: “This is an iconic and unique car from the Lotus back catalogue, personalised by our founder Colin Chapman and with a truly fascinating provenance. It deserves its place in our collection and we’re looking forward to showing it off.” *subject to availability
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    my cat has been in the elise when the roof was off in the garage, and when I saw him there he jumped up and scrambled up the seat back and out, pulling threads in the upholstery on the way! Little b@st@rd!!
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    I spotted you 11 March . See post in “spotted”
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    Superb car Scot, I look forward to seeing you on a run out soon
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    Welcome mate, she's a beaut 😍
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    Thanks @MrWill. In the first six months it has had a new alloy rad, new alloy fuel tank (including a one way valve, otherwise fuel spills out of the filler!), CV driveshafts, LED exterior lighting, tyres and a stainless exhaust - so loads of invisible stuff. Next is a new roof, which won't be cheap, and a new dash to replace the homemade one. As the dash is coming out then I may as well rewire it too. You never really own an old Lotus, you just keep restoring it for the next owner!
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    Welcome mate, I have seen your car on tour on Instagram. Love car and you sure know how to take a picture. Be great to see you and your car at a meet one day. 👍🏼
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    Welcome Aboard Joe, if your want to Join a Run keep an eye on the events Thread, I look forward to seeing you and your car Cheer Ray ps Great Pic by the way
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    Thanks Ray. 2 sleeps to go though...a little over 36hrs to go.
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    I don't know anything about them personally but there's plenty of info here... https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/topic/91260-transforged-racing-afterburners-grp-halo-lights/#comments
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    New acquisition agreed with collection next Saturday. As it’s covered c300miles and described as new/mint my expectations are rather clearer than the last purchase attempt. For those like me who enjoy the geeky lotus build specs, for some reason this car has the door cards (arm rest/pocket) belonging to the Phil popham gt410 (or 400), yet it was built after the 400 ceased production and prior to the launch of the gt410🤔.
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    Having a free evening and looking through my Elise paperwork I found my notes on sorting out a sticky accelerator for my K series Elise. So thought I’d post this after spending the better part of a year trying to resolve it, and boy it was horrendous. I’d gently press the accelerator and… nothing. A little more pressure and still nothing. A little bit…OMG the accelerator would drop 10-15mm and I’d be 10meters down the road or stalled. This would happen all the way through the travel but was a bit better on the move. When it wasn’t too dangerous to drive it completely ruined the whole driving experience - for me and seemingly for all those who put up individual posts. I think I noted down and tried every tip and suggestion I found on various forums in different posts. To make things a little easier for the next person to suffer 'sticky throttle', I’ve downloaded my notes here and made the title as search friendly as possible. So without further ado; here are the problems and solutions which have helped various Elise owners sort out a sticking accelerator pedal on a K series Elise. I was quite discering when reading posts so hopefully it is all killer and no filler Starting at your right foot and moving back through the car: Is the accelerator pedal being fouled by the floor mat? § Secure floor mat to floor Is the accelerator return cable seated properly and working correctly. § Adopt the Lotus position and check the spring is located properly, not fouling on anything and retains good tension § Replace or reposition as necessary. Is the pedal box pivot sticking? o Sometimes the plastic bushes in the pedal box cease to rotate smoothly. § Adopt the Lotus position and spray the pivots in the pedal box with a suitable lubricant – such as ACF50 or Lithium Grease or something with PTFE § Take a deep breath and spend 10 hours removing the pedal box and replacing all the pivots with a new set. Is the throttle lever rubbing on the top of the throttle plate? o On K series cars the throttle plate pivot supports a rudimentary lever on a plastic pivot connecting the pedal to the cable. This can start to see-saw rather than rotate and so doing rub and stick on the throttle plate. § Replace with improved aftermarket throttle linkage kit like the ones from Elise Shop or Elise parts. § Late K series and Toyota cars had a much simpler and more direct throttle plate / cable design. A few forum members upgraded to this and said it was great. Are the plastic gromets at the end of the cable properly seated in the throttle plate abutment? § Follow Lotus manual instruction and made sure all the gromets are properly seated. Is the space between one grommet at the end of the cable and the other gromet in the throttle linkage/lever set to the right distance? o Theres a specific distance require here – 20mm from memory - for the design to work as intended. § Consult the lotus manual and make sure this distance is as per manual. Is the cable routing kinked? § Make sure your cables run in natural arcs wherever they have to make a turn. Is the cable pinched or crushed? o People have crushed the cable when tightening up the central tunnel back onto the tub. § Make sure the cable can be pulled and pushed - i.e. is free at this point. § Another pinch point is the exit from the cabin to the underside of the rear So make sure cable still moving free here as well Are the cables exiting the cabin all laid up in the right order? § Make sure the accelerator cable is under the handbrake cable (i.e. nearest to the underside of the car) and that the handbrake cable horseshoe is the right way round with the to two bumps of the OEM shoe facing upwards § Check to make sure the handbrake cable isn’t fouling the accelerator cable when tightened. Have you used the right thread on the sheer panel to route the cable? o There are two potential threads in the shear panel to use to route the accelerator cable via a small plastic clip. The one that looks the straightest and ‘best’ route should be avoided at all cost. While in practice this maybe on 10 to 15 mm difference; in reality it is the difference is between melting the inside of the cable and it causing an irreparable sticking point… or the cable working fine. § Always and Only use the thread which takes the cable furthest away from the manifold. Does the cable have a heatshield sleeve attached to it? o on the cable and make sure there a silver heatshield sleeve it was put there for a reason. That being that the heat from the manifold can be marginal as per the difference 15mm has been found to have on thr cable. § Make sure the heatshield is fitted. Is the heatshield in the right place? § Make sure it runs along the manifold and under the sump. It should start at the sheer panel end on the initial up-turn after the sump. Has the cable been frayed by the driveshaft? o On the turn, up the side of the engine, the next danger is being worn away on the drive shaft § Use an extra cable tie on the existing wiring loom to keep the cable away from the drive shaft. § There should be a clip at the top where the cable reappears – make sure this is a) present and b) positioned to help with the cable routing in relation to the drive shaft. Consider the clip on the inlet manifold o There’s a clip on the inlet manifold to route the cable over. This shouldn’t be an issue but some people found letting the cable find a natural route or arch freely to the throttle body or using a p-clip instead of the clip helped. § Give it a go and set it free if nothing has worked so far. Lets face it you’re running out of options Has the cable dried out or is it full of grime? o Many sob stories have had a happy ending by cleaning and lubing the cable itself. § Cable lubers from the motorbike world which you wind down to push oil into the cable don’t fit the k series accelerator cable – check before you buy. § Most people rig up a small water bottle and make a hole in the bottle top for the cable and then tap up to make it tight. Hang the bottle above the car and leave gravity to do the work overnight. § Squeeze the bottle a bit to help pressure oil down the cable IF you’re confident your seal is tight and you’re not courting disaster and going to pour a bottle of oil into the boot. § You can get bicycle lubers which come with a syringe and you can achieve the same result with this and a little patience. § One more suggestion was always lubricate a new cable before fitting. · Use the right Oil to lube the cable o Do Not use heavy oil like gear box or engine oil thinking its more viscous and therefore better at lubricating the cable. It’s not; its worse (and attracts dirt). § The oil you use should be a light oil § people have said the used standard 3 in 1 to good effect or PTFE based spray or some other light oil. Someone used ACF 50. There were other favourite oils used but the general consensus is it should be a light oil. § You can buy specially formulated oil for lubricating motorbike and bicycle cables. One of more of the above scenarios has damaged the internal cable and it needs replacing. o Crushing or frayed cables are more easily found than if this is heat related. But while heat damage may not be visible externally but you should feel a subtle or possibly very definite resistance in if you free up both ends of the cable and feel for resistance / sticking when gently pushing and pulling on the cable. One of the red herrings heat damage can throw at you is that sometimes the heat when in use causes the problem and on cooling the restriction somehow shrinks back and isn’t as pronounced or even there, while you were on the go. § Replace the cable. § I recommend that you send off your existing cable to be made up by a specialist. If you choose an aftermarket specialist (like Venhill Engineering Ltd) you’ll get a better cable at a lower price than buying new. § Some of the old style S2 cables just aren’t available to by new anymore, so sending off to renew is the only option – they’ll reuse the existing gromets at the pedal end of the cable. Is the throttle body sticking? o This is always said in reference to the OEM plastic throttle body of k series cars. It is usually attributed to heat affecting the housing in such a way as to make the butterfly cease to pivot smoothly. § Replace with an alloy throttle body. A variety of sizes are available (48mm or 52mm) depending on what benefit you believe you get from a larger throttle body. Faulty Throttle Position Sensor o Sometimes a faulty TPS can cause hesitation on acceleration – this isn’t a sticky throttle in the mechanical sense but it’s been one of the items investigated and for some was the issue. Worth exploring if nothing else has worked. § Reset the TPS by turning on ignition and turning off immobiliser and cycling through 5 steady and deliberate depressions and releases of the throttle either via the throttle pedal or throttle body § Replace the TPS That's all I've got. I’m sure there’s options I’ve missed but hopefully this captures the majority of possible causes and cures, and helps someone out in the future Please add to the list if you think there are some other aspects not covered here. MrWill
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    Just one more sleep but I suspect you will struggle to get much shut eye! enjoy the whole day! Kevin
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    Ooh that's lovely!
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    Ray and I had a little (social distance) spin in the dales (for our physical and mental wellbeing).
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    You're very welcome Alex, glad it drives nicely! Russell, there are straps around the front wheels that are doing all of the work holding the car down....the ones on the rear aren't tensioned, they're just there to stop the rear walking around on the rollers.....
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    Rolled it out into the sun to try and get some heat into the paint! It's quite green...... Back end back on.... Will be back out again tomorrow sitting and getting hot! Hopefully it will harden the paint. Managed to knock anther bit off yesterday......
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    A couple of knee pads would’ve been cheaper and quicker than taking out your floor.
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    Hi if you contact paul at pjslotus.co.uk on monday 01283 500428 he can still contact aftersales on your behalf. Best wishes Louise Shipley
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    Coming along nicely Dean, saw this stripped down at Gav's today. Still looking very clean.
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    Great stuff Paul, I had a long chat to Paul Shipley recently and he’s a great chap. PJS are very well regarded as you can see, and we are lucky to have an excellent official Lotus service centre and superb independents in the Midlands.
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    Lovely, you can't beat a good suspension refresh
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    My Laser Blue Beauty, never looked at any other colour bar black and greys until I happened across this and fell in love instantly.
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    Sheldon, i may well have a part (front) or full (both front and back) cl5 if you want to try those first in my garage. Let me know. I have never had a set fail and its all i used for years. Not quite as good as cl6 but still more than good enough for the odd trackday.
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    Well said Scott, he is a great ambassador for the sport, and fully deserves a Knighthood
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