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    Windy passes, steam trains, caves, cable cars, hills to climb, rivers to paddle in, chip shops everywhere.... brought my lad up north when he was 5 and he refuses to go back south, that was 12 years ago. My lad still enjoys the ltip even if he has to get up at an unreasonable hour. If he’s interested, it’s a great place for fossil hunting and you will find some.
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    It’s the S2 that has the U or hook type wiper arm IIRC. I upgraded to an S2 arm on my old Elise purely to have more options for blades. If you worried about originality, you could always keep the S1 arm and revert to it if needed. As im sure you’ve read, the flat ‘aero’ blades are quite effective on the curved Elise/Exige screen. You could also look at changing the wiper relay- but then that wouldn’t be original.
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    Dont do Facebook but happy to lead a group again😀
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    Oh, and here's a car that just got through IVA. Chap in Manchester built it. Stradale with an Alfa v6. Took him about 15 months and 330 odd hours
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    Reading all this makes me envious..... I miss working on / upgrading my S1 and don't want to start down that slippery slope with the current Elise yet !
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    Oil leaks done thanks to Gav. he is glad to see the back of it lol. Just a couple of small jobs to do and im ready to rumble
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    This video nicely sums the whole ownership experience; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1o8_zxJZIo
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    The easiest way to bleed the brakes and clutch is with an Ezi-bleed kit from Halfords or similar. It uses tyre air pressure to pump new fluid into the reservoir as you bleed it out of the slaves. Clutch is the same process as the brakes. Just attach a length of fish tank air tube to the slave valve and open the valve, catch the fluid in a jam jar. I always bleed the clutch first, then the rears, then the front. That ensures the front brakes have the best fluid, they get hot.
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    Dean is Mr Cool and not easily flustered In contrast I was momentarily mortified and sobbing into my shaking hands.
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    Dean You know I have the ultimate respect for everything you have done for MLOC over the years, tireless effort and supreme execution. LitP has always been a bastion of excellence, delivery and more importantly enjoyment. Dependability in a word. But what's happened this year? After years of being able to plan with 100% certainty this year is a big let down, I'm sorry to have to say. How come LitP 2019 doesn't clash with Wimbledon like it has in every other year I can remember? Ha Ha got you going there! 😂 So yes, I'm happy to lend a hand, Matlock Bath end suits me best as its just down the road. Let me know what you need. Hartley
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