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    I’ve been spending most of my time driving around the fantastically empty roads of Wales, very few vehicles, no scameras and beautiful views, sadly it’s in a Mercedes Sprinter rather than a Lotus🙄, delivering groceries for a well known supermarket. I did the same thing for a short time when I set up my own business three and a half years ago which is now on hold, they rang me a couple of weeks back and asked if I’d be interested in doing some shifts for them as they were desperate for drivers and I’d had the training( it’s not as simple as it looks you know). With the odd exception like the couple who were dressed in full NBC suits complete with WWII gas masks who insisted I deliver their groceries to the middle of a field and kept at least 100m away, and the old boy who threatened to shoot my tyres out because the store had substituted his famous grouse whiskey for the own brand stuff, I’m still not convinced he was joking either. Most people have been so grateful to not only get their groceries but also to see a different face, some of the customers live miles away from anyone and I’ve discovered some fabulous new roads for when my car finally gets to me, who knows when. Gets me out of the house too. Good to see your all keeping occupied and staying safe, that driving rig reminds me of my Sprinter van cockpit, Not!!
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    A couple of knee pads would’ve been cheaper and quicker than taking out your floor.
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    Great job Will looks Fantastic
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    I know it's a long lap round the Ring Ray but was it really February when you started 😄
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    I'm jealous! Apart from nearly being shot at that sounds as close to fun as we can get right now 👍😊
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    Reading is on today's isolation agenda.
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    Seeing as I can’t drive the proper one, I decided to pimp my mower (in hope for June)...
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    2nd that. You should be rightly smug about getting out of that pickle. Prof. Heinz Wolff would be v. proud. Top marks.
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