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    Cheers all and thanks Simon. She's abit of a looker
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    I’ve been spending most of my time driving around the fantastically empty roads of Wales, very few vehicles, no scameras and beautiful views, sadly it’s in a Mercedes Sprinter rather than a Lotus🙄, delivering groceries for a well known supermarket. I did the same thing for a short time when I set up my own business three and a half years ago which is now on hold, they rang me a couple of weeks back and asked if I’d be interested in doing some shifts for them as they were desperate for drivers and I’d had the training( it’s not as simple as it looks you know). With the odd exception like the couple who were dressed in full NBC suits complete with WWII gas masks who insisted I deliver their groceries to the middle of a field and kept at least 100m away, and the old boy who threatened to shoot my tyres out because the store had substituted his famous grouse whiskey for the own brand stuff, I’m still not convinced he was joking either. Most people have been so grateful to not only get their groceries but also to see a different face, some of the customers live miles away from anyone and I’ve discovered some fabulous new roads for when my car finally gets to me, who knows when. Gets me out of the house too. Good to see your all keeping occupied and staying safe, that driving rig reminds me of my Sprinter van cockpit, Not!!
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    Er, why not just do the frames, you'll use alot less paint! 🤔
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    I would like to give a massive thumbs up to pjs lotus at burton on trent. My car comes come back today in 35 years of car ownership I have never known such a nice place to deal with. You can ring anytime and you never get that "its him again feeling" Prices good and work done fantastic. Workshop pristine . Paul and his team weldone mate.
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    I really hate that Gav @ Unit 4, thinks he know it all... HE REALLY DOES 🤣 So service no.2 since he got it running 600 miles run in found a few little niggles....2 little oil leaks, tiny and minor. Rear offside bearing, which TBH I thought was tyre noise and the sill coolant pipe is weeping. Luckily reachable. A days work he says.... I say fricking awesome. All in all I'll take that and I'll tell you What, it's running like an Arabian bloody stallion. My car is MEGA 😎
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    Spotted on Instagram JF 👍
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    Picked up my first Lotus today, absolutely love it....
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    Evening all, Having sold the 190 earlier in the year with some possible changes at work I've had a few months off whilst everything got sorted. Today I'm pleased to say my user name is back to being applicable as I've just collected a 240pp exige and Im in love all over again. Of course an obligatory photo of it tucked up in its new home. P. S thanks to those who knew for keeping it hush hush 😁
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    Just wait until ALDI or Lidl have them for a tenner! Mine have been spot on 👍🏻
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    Welcome back mate. i look forward to seeing it in 2020... 😉
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    You can’t beat a good rack Dean...🤯
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    This seems to be quite a common theme with people who spend ages restoring / building cars! Maybe the fun and interest is all in the building and that's what you love doing. The OH thinks I'll be the same with the Stratos and once it's built I'll not want to use it. A couple of fellow LB builders have sold very soon after completion. Either way someone will get an amazing car Jonny!
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    Seeing as I can’t drive the proper one, I decided to pimp my mower (in hope for June)...
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    2nd that. You should be rightly smug about getting out of that pickle. Prof. Heinz Wolff would be v. proud. Top marks.
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    Hi if you contact paul at pjslotus.co.uk on monday 01283 500428 he can still contact aftersales on your behalf. Best wishes Louise Shipley
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    She can’t be half as unhappy as mine Jonny - front clam has been on the dining table for over 9 weeks now - ice doesn’t get any thinner than what I’m standing on 😳
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    Coming along nicely Dean, saw this stripped down at Gav's today. Still looking very clean.
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    What corrosion block is recommended please chaps? Alex i drove your s1 at Blyton (maybe when Chris had it, i can't remember) and absolutely loved the steering which is why i went for the quick rack.
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    Evija’s new manufacturing facility readied to deliver final prototypes for last stages of the testing programme Series production to begin in Hethel this summer “With our new factory ready, we are ahead of the pack in the emerging EV hypercar segment and 100% ready for some healthy competition” – Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars New film shows Evija assembly hall coming ALIVE at (Hethel, UK – 19 February 2020) – The new manufacturing facility where Lotus will build the Evija all-electric hypercar is being readied for final prototype production. Series production and first customer deliveries of the all-electric two-seater will begin in the summer. The hall is situated at the brand’s historic home of Hethel, in Norfolk, UK. It has been built trackside, next to Lotus’ storied 2.2-mile circuit which has hosted testing and shake-down sessions with many Formula 1 legends such as Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jim Clark and others. The result is a versatile and inspiring workspace that will see Lotus hand-build up to 130 examples of the Evija. The first year’s production allocation is already designated to customers around the world. Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars, commented: “This is now the newest car production facility in the world, and to witness it move from the drawing board to reality has been deeply satisfying. It’s testament to the commitment of all involved, and is the perfect sleek and high-tech production home for the Evija at our iconic Hethel headquarters.” He proudly unveiled the completed hall to more than 1,400 Lotus employees during a series of staff briefings held in the new facility, telling them: “With our new factory ready, we are ahead of the pack in the emerging EV hypercar segment and 100% ready for some healthy competition.” Work on the new Evija factory began in summer 2019. The interior has been fitted on three sides with gantries which frame the build stations. These have been designed and engineered to be sleek and unobtrusive, though robust enough to carry the necessary power, data and compressed air systems required to assemble the Evija. An overhead gantry crane, multiple vehicle lifts and a wheel alignment ramp have also been installed. The interior is illuminated by more than 30,000 of the latest high-density, low-energy LEDs. A state-of-the-art light tunnel will house the rigorous final inspection, before each Evija is driven out directly on to the famous Hethel test track for dynamic validation. Highly collaborative in nature, the project has involved the co-ordination of 20 specialist contractors with more than 50 experts on site over the last six months. About the Lotus Evija: The name means ‘the first in existence’ The world’s first all-electric British hypercar The first electrified Lotus, the first Lotus hypercar and the first Lotus developed under the stewardship of majority shareholder Geely At 2,000 PS, the world’s most powerful series production road car 0-62mph in under three seconds; 0-186mph in under nine seconds; a top speed of more than 200mph Full battery charge capability in under 10 minutes; battery power output of 2,000 kW; full EV driving range of 250 miles Outstanding aerodynamic performance and downforce A Lotus like no other. A hypercar like no other. Yet instantly recognisable – as a beautiful car, as a Lotus Destined to be driven, not left unappreciated in a gilded cage. It is ‘For The Drivers’ A statement of intent, and a global calling card for Lotus Cars and Lotus Engineering It performs like a beast, but looks like a beauty – a technical masterpiece
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    Great choice Alex, always fancied one TBH, good luck with the sale.
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    Have you fitted winter tyres to your Lotus? What tyres have you gone for? Check out my review on these Michelin Alpin 4s on my Evora GT410
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    Welcome to both of you lucky new owners - two fantastic cars Do you fancy a run out?......... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/67636-peaks-run-sunday-15th-start-730-am/
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    Thanks Neil, if you find yourself in Sutton mate, give me a shout.
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    If its not a steep slope, hard to tell of the Pic, if you went on a bit further and then reverse back onto some caravan type leveling ramps to raise the rear end up to level? Something like this: on mine ths issue isn't the holes in your picture its the ones at the front corner (large arrow) and the water pools at the back (small arrow). Mine only leaks if i open the boot that I've noticed after cleaning but it lives in a garage. My drive slopes upto the garage.
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    I have done this with a DAB antenna cable. I lifted the car and removed the rear under tray. You can then access the car into the centre console. Takes a bit of time but is ok to do. I used a workshop ramp to lift the car. Hope this helps. Nick
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    Cheers Scott, Really appreciate it, I know a really nice Evora in the same colour
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    I had the same problem, solved it by jamming a large long screwdriver against the riv nut. If you take a wheel off the side that is the problem you should be able to see the top of the riv nut that is spinning. Easier if you can get someone to keep pressure on the screwdriver while you undo the bolt. Once the diffuser is off drill out the old one the rivnuts and tools to fit them are not expensive.
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    Cheers Simon . Yeah its been a while buddy.
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    At standard height you'll be fine. Both of my previous lowered Elise's coped OK as well, as long as you straddle or angle it. Regardless, you need to take them slowly, which can result in slow progress along heavily bumped roads....and tailgating SUV's 🙄
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    Hi, I use a CTEK MXS 5.0 on my S3 Elise - works great! I used a simpler CTEK model on my old kitcar which had an AGM battery which worked well too 👍 Ol
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    Inside information … Get an account on the vx220 forum... they come up for sub £250
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    Character...oh that’s what you call it! 😂 The toilets clean we may as well do the rest for him, we could even help burn that MX5 😂 Not much in it round about £40k ish. I suppose with both the question would be could you find another these days, probably not. Although I’ve found two in two months 😊👌🏻
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    So ok I have had a little prod around and may have another go when I have more time. The first picture shows how it was and the second how it is now. I have basically scraped the corrosion from inside the rubber. It is not a permanent fix but it looks a little better and the rubber could probably be stuck down with some kind of silicon / adhesive type of stuff. But I only had 20 mins or so to have a dab at it. It looks better on the car than in the photos to be honest. it will never look like new thats a fact
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    This is bloody amazing news!!!!! yesssssssss mate !!!!!!
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    This is just up the road from me so i end up here most weekends... would love to join a meet up (sadly not in the elise yet) but i could park around the corner and just chat with you lot!
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    Yeah cost a 5er to get in but it's not the end of the world. Tbf the £5 entry gets you a C&M keyring that you can either keep or exchange for a hot drink.
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    Hi Paul, I'm based at Kingstone near Uttoxeter, I have pressure test equipment, if you want to call round one day I'll happily check it for you Graham
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    Just how they should have been when they left the factory 😊
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    Now there's a collaboration 'Lotus Porsche' mark 1 🤣
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    Supplied by LB as part of the kit, but they aren't to blame, they could never have known this was a dodgy hose and the other's they have supplied seem OK so far. It's made by ASH http://www.autosiliconehoses.com/ - I've used there stuff before (on the S2) and it's been absolutely fine! I've ordered a Samco one as a replacement and it's over twice the price of an ASH one, so maybe that tells me all I need to know!?
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    The pitting, and the casting lines, could well be the cause of the leaks. From what you've said previously it's not something mechanical (clips, etc.) that is at fault. Silicone hose is very smooth, so may not be conforming into the pitted surface. I would avoid using any type of filler in case it flakes away into the system. As I posted earlier, run a bead of sealant around the fitting, just behind the flare. Then fit the hose and clamp up, but not fully. Leave the sealant to cure, then clamp up a final 1/2 turn. How was the housing cleaned (I'm assuming it's not new by the look of it...)? I have seen aluminium become porous after chemical cleaning. A few years ago we had some components from a piece of laboratory kit cleaned & re-anodised; even though they looked fine visually, they were full of minute fissures that leaked. We only discovered this when the instrument was rebuilt and we put gas pressure on it. Went through every seal, o-ring, etc. on it before concluding the metal itself was at fault. We took the part off, submerged it in water and pressurised it; result was streams of bubbles from everywhere! The conclusion we came to was that there were corrosion tracks through the metal that had been stripped out by the chemical cleaning, leaving 'tunnels' through an apparently solid aluminium block. Whilst that was gas-porous, it's may be possible there's a similar thing with your part, which is allowing the slow bleed of water through over time.
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    Its a thing of absolute beauty Hope you can make Sunday at Rutland water
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    Well my darlings, car is home, drove home BEAutifully. New clutch arm uprated Gav Styley and we were able to use the same slave. I have a list of jobs to do, the little things but it's 95% finished. I'll get them done soon enough but in the meantime here it is tucked up nice and warm stinking of petrol of course it does. The culprit again. Home. P Will post up the final jobs as and when I get them done.
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    Dave, they are both black as well!
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    Solution found. Custom valve retention caps. £12 each. 2-3 weeks.
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