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    My younger son & I took a little trip out to the the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby last Saturday for a photo shoot with the Lancaster bomber NX611 "Just Jane".
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    I truly hope it's not all Max Power. "And Scatty dropped the suspension so his motor is lower than a snakes gonads", "Deans car has more ICE than Ranulph Fiennes underpants","Sadly, after all this modding, Alex sold his car and has 3 other cars in the last month. Wicked". * Like you Dean, I'll be critical. I'm not sure it'll last the distance, but good luck to them. * Purely tongue in cheek, the names have been made up and any relation to Lotus owners is totally coincidental.
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    Hello Dan, I've also previously owned an S2 Exige S260 with the 2ZZ engine but currently have an S2/3 Elise S Cup (220) with the 2ZR engine, Both are different mainly down to the power delivery and rev range. The Exige S260 probably has more character and all hell breaks loose when the power band kicks in just below 5K rpm right up to 8K where as the Elise with 220 2ZR has a more linear power delivery from below 3K rpm through to 7K. Which one is better, I'm not sure..... Both have pro's and cons. The power delivery of the Elise is definitely more usable and requires less gear changes on track but as said lacks the character and the explosiveness of the 2ZZ. In regards heat soak, I definitely experienced this 1st hand with the Exige at Le Mans and few years back but had no such issues with the Elise this year at Le Mans in 35c temperatures, This is due to the Elise being charge-cooled. Also, 2ZR has more torque Andy. PS - There's a few of us on track at Donny on 29th Oct, your welcome to a PAX lap in mine and I'm sure there will be a Exige S that someone will be happy to take you out in.
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    This seems to be quite a common theme with people who spend ages restoring / building cars! Maybe the fun and interest is all in the building and that's what you love doing. The OH thinks I'll be the same with the Stratos and once it's built I'll not want to use it. A couple of fellow LB builders have sold very soon after completion. Either way someone will get an amazing car Jonny!
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    If you had raised the missing calendar in 2014 we would have sorted it for you. Certainly they all went out as its a massive task getting them all ready for posting and I did it that year so I know just how long it took! It's actually an eye opener when you send so much large mail out how much of it actually goes missing en route! For some history, when I started MLOC it was all run from my own pocket, which became unsustainable over time. We then switched to a donation model which worked well to start with but the donations went away after the initial flurry. We then moved to advertisers to keep the site running which went well but generally internet advertising for banners seems to be on the demise with less people wanting to do so year on year. In the mean time to become part of the MSA and have their insurances for events we needed to have MLOC as a limited company, the MSA rules mean we need to have members or we are not able to join them, thus the paid member was started. Personally I would prefer not to have paid members as I prefer to let everyone have full access to the site and only rely on advertisers to keep the site running. That's why there are limited member benefits as I set it up originally so that everyone could post as many photos as they wanted or send as many messages as they wanted for example, not just paid up members as other sites do. The price has been kept low at £1 a month for that reason. In terms of money made on previous years from the members signing up its pretty minimal once we have paid out for the calendars and postage which keep increasing in price every year. The main reason for membership is to allow us to keep the MSA membership going and it does also help contribute to the sites finances, all time and effort is given for free by everyone so no one is taking any money personally from the site, no mileage expenses or anything like that. More recently now that we have equipment purchased the LITP events have been making money and thus enabled us to allow donations to charity after we have made a small profit towards running MLOC.
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    He might have run off with P4n, he doesn’t want to be seen with us horrible lot anymore either.
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    It was the injectors!!! 😁 I swapped over the injectors from my sport 190 and it fired up on the second press of the starter button! To say I’m happy is an understatement. Thanks for your help and suggestions chaps......now I can start putting it back together again
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    Or just take it to unit 4 for a service and tell Gav there is no rush 😂😂. Reckon you could get 6 months free storage !
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    Congrats buddy... Glad I could help I can't wait to see it at the weekend. You will love it, there really isn't anything else that feels like a seven. Can't wait to get another.. It wasn't because of me... I heard his inspiration was that Unit 4 garage queen... At least the storage fees are cheaper at home Scatty
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    This is Scatty we're talking about, it'll never see a shift light lol
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    Gav had an Evora in when mine went in for service last year and he shared with me his dismay at how much shredded rubber was stuck to the body - including on the roof!! The owner had apparently taken it to Spa or the Neverbeenring or some such and given it plenty of large - he's a member on here but i shan't give away his name. He is 'fantastic' though. 😁😉😉
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    I wanted an indoor cover just to keep dust off, so I bought a generic cover off Amazon - seems to do the job. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N63OBPL/ £36.00
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    Hi all, New Elise S3 owner here. Had my car around 2 months now, already done a few much needed updates like a decent stereo, better headlight bulbs, dashcam, adjustments to the drivers seat rail.... A few weeks ago I decided the engine cover (which can obviously be seen through the rear cover) looked a little plain and in need of something. I quickly ruled out painting the entire thing as I think it would stand out too much so decided the raised moulded lettering was the answer. A few hours and several coats later here's what I ended up with. I'm pretty happy with it. It's a nice visible detail without being over the top.
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    A good thing to have though, i think. Especially if you ever came to sell.
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    Cheers for all the comments. It's great to be back in an S1 and my brother, who isn't used to the whole Lotus thing, is really looking forward to a spirited drive over to Hethel on Saturday morning - albeit at 5am.... A few more pics here. Same place, more of the same, nothing much new.....takes ages to shoo all the peacocks away every time
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    Pleased you've seen the light Ian but being serious if I didn't have a big dog that would wreak it I would have an M2 as my day car, and as you say its a great car but lacks the sense of event you get driving a Lotus, I for one will be looking forward to seeing what you get next Cheers Ray
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    I wouldn’t touch them with a bloody barge pole, shit experience I had with them.
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    Jump starting is not a fallacy; however if you connect a pair of batteries in parallel, where one has a higher voltage than the other then the higher voltage one will lose charge to the other until the emf of both is the same. Basically the process is like a battery charger; however the charger keeps supplying energy as it's plugged in to a supply, ie. the mains. The difference with normal jump starting, from one car to another, is that the car being used to provide the 'jump' will have the engine running do the alternator is charging both batteries.
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    So roof off and a few country lanes round Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth area this evening. Anyone care to join me for an hour, or are you all watching Love Island?
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    Just got to Phil's page. I can only read very slowly Dean!
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    I couldn’t wait any longer. I just wanted to know it wasn’t staying for a few weeks, I mean days. I now owe Gav a takeaway .. he was proper busy. I even put some gloves on just to touch jonny’s Tyres
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    Well, I’ve been onto my insurance and they believe it’s the 3rd party fault. They’ve also given the go ahead to choose my own specialist, and I think I’m going with Option 1. I chatted to Frank this morning, so hope it can get sorted quickly. Thank you all for your advice and help, it’s starting to feel a bit less galling. Cheers, Kurt
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    Name: Esprit Esprit 1987-90 Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2018-04-02 Submitter: Gary Brooks Esprit Esprit 1987-90
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