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    Er, why not just do the frames, you'll use alot less paint! 🤔
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    Hi if you contact paul at pjslotus.co.uk on monday 01283 500428 he can still contact aftersales on your behalf. Best wishes Louise Shipley
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    She can’t be half as unhappy as mine Jonny - front clam has been on the dining table for over 9 weeks now - ice doesn’t get any thinner than what I’m standing on 😳
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    Cheers fellas......I have to say the virus situation has really knocked the stuffing out of me in terms of motivation to carry on - haven’t lifted a finger on it for 2 weeks almost. It just doesn’t seem important somehow, in the grand scheme of things.... Jonny, that’s praise indeed coming from you mate - you’ve given me exactly what I needed, the kick up the arse to get it finished! You’re right, the goo in the footwells was a total mare, I couldn’t believe someone would fit junk like that over (mildly) corroded surfaces. I’m hoping to crack on this weekend now, so expect more updates very soon.....👍🏻
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    Dean your going to have to stop playing with yourself 🤣
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    Funny stuff, we'll need this thread to keep us going. Manufacturing and development with a skeleton crew adhering to guidelines will keep me busy during the week. But I guess I/we still need to limit further possible exposure and scale down to the very bare bones. So Saturday evening saw perfectly good banked S1 Exige money go to... Sim Labs - TR1 Fanatec - Club Sport bundle + handbrake Ebuyer - Monster curved LCD and Gaming PC Demon Tweaks - Sparco seat and adjustable rails John Lewis - wireless Microsoft all in one keyboard and mouse Possible divorce - lonely wife Hopefully build thread starting Friday evening :-) Please stay safe you wonderful MLOCer's and families.
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    Decorating the hall, landing and stairs which will take an age cos its a double ladder job and helping SWMBO to do her garden (I'm only allowed in under supervision and to cut the grass!). Daren't take Loti or TVRs out because of Sheffield Council's propensity to chuck tons of grit everywhere at the slightest whiff of a chilly breeze. Thank goodness Boris approved exercise (Mountain Biking) outdoors or I'd go stir crazy. I wish I'd not sold all our board games now - we could have visited all countries in 'Go'! May call right and/or left handed Dean for a game of Scrabble depending on which of them is worse at it!
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    Well last night I played myself at scrabble as Marie and the kids all refused ☹ In the end it was a surprisingly tense and very close contest - Right Dean took the lead early on with a seven letter score (fifty point bonus!) and remained in front until the very last go. I actually found myself rooting for Left Dean at this point as I always love an underdog. Incredibly, at the finish Left Dean sneaked ahead by dint of Right Dean being stuck with a Q and having to deduct 10 points. 😁
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    I saw this advertised and thought it would be a good buy, Congratulations Alex 👍
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    Nice looking car Alex
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    Congrats Alex - look forward to seeing it soon.
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    Coming along nicely Dean, saw this stripped down at Gav's today. Still looking very clean.
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    Great stuff Paul, I had a long chat to Paul Shipley recently and he’s a great chap. PJS are very well regarded as you can see, and we are lucky to have an excellent official Lotus service centre and superb independents in the Midlands.
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    Lovely, you can't beat a good suspension refresh
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    You're welcome to have a ride in it when it's done if you want mate. I get the dampers tomorrow. Giddy. 😁 Really can't wait to try it.
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