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    I would like to give a massive thumbs up to pjs lotus at burton on trent. My car comes come back today in 35 years of car ownership I have never known such a nice place to deal with. You can ring anytime and you never get that "its him again feeling" Prices good and work done fantastic. Workshop pristine . Paul and his team weldone mate.
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    Nah, that means driving it! 😁😉
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    AS long as no other instructors are off at the German shepherd club I train at I will be coming along
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    Great choice Alex, always fancied one TBH, good luck with the sale.
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    fingers crossed then 🤞
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    Sheldon, i may well have a part (front) or full (both front and back) cl5 if you want to try those first in my garage. Let me know. I have never had a set fail and its all i used for years. Not quite as good as cl6 but still more than good enough for the odd trackday.
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