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    Sorry to hear about this; I wonder whether it’s made far worse by the fact that it’s the 2nd most expensive Lotus you could buy, so your expectations are (understandably) much higher than if you buy something at the other end of the scale. You are totally right to expect it to be right at that price point. I know what you mean about bonding, I had my V6 Exige for about 18 months and although it was an animal in many respects, I do get much more pleasure out of driving an Elise S1, so I wasn’t especially gutted when I sold it. Not everybody is the same of course. I’m on my fifth S1 now and it probably cost me about 1/10th of the price of your GT410, I’ve done a comprehensive but inexpensive refresh on it, and it’s an absolute peach to drive. If you are rejecting the car and getting a full refund from the supplying dealer, I would whole heartedly recommend going back to basics!
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    After a Fantastic race and winning it like a True champion Lewis Hamilton has won his 7th World championship Well done Lewis go get another
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    I've submitted some ariel shots on behalf of Paul smith....I'm not taking credit for them....well not until they get published 😃
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    Hi all!!! Some may have just seen my post of one of the Facebook groups. I have have had my Elise S CR for around 3 weeks now. Absolutely loving it!! Been a dream of mine to own this car since I was a child and on my 29th birthday I pulled the trigger I'm in North lincs / Doncaster area. I look forward to meeting some you at various events/meets. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Yes did see you on Facebook, fantastic car in a stunning colour. Would be great to have you along for a Sunday morning run out in the Peaks in the new year when hopefully some restrictions are lifted 👍
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    Welcome. You have to love a S2 Exige especially in the iconic colour of the Club Racer, hope to see you on a run in the near future when some of the current Restrictions are lifted 👍
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    Really nice. Welcome. My first Exige was a CR, too, although the previous owner had got it resprayed white, for some reason. Surely half the point was the colour scheme... ? But oh well, it was cheaper because of it You're really lucky to have the Peaks right on your doorstep, hope to see you on some of the runs next year
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    I looked again at lotus academy website and the scare yourself looked fun but I think me personally I might benefit from the Bronze level as I will find out more about myself as a driver than about a lotus as the cars are designed to perform. I will save up and maybe ask for Xmas gifts to be directed towards the cost of Bronze course, hopefully when COVID situation calms down I will look at booking a date and I guess the revamp to facilities will had been completed ?
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    The Lotus badge has changed a number of times over the years, so don't get too hung up on the heritage. I wouldn't be keen on having a nose badge that's looks like a child's sticker on my car though. Haven't seen the new design on any dealer signage, but I try to stay away from shiny pretty (expensive!) things. Or maybe it was only ever intended for paper and online, not real 3D objects. The new design is all over Norwich City though, so maybe they're still working on the nose badges.
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    Interesting - so at Hethel, it’s now on the gate, factory etc. Does that mean the dealers will have it soon (if not already) as their signage? But then you walk in and it’s a different badge on the cars? I can’t possibly Imagine Porsche, who Geely are most keen to compete with, changing their logo/badge and only using the new one on letters and at dealerships, but not on the cars. That simply won’t happen - their logo is a huge part of the brand and heritage and they haven’t messed with it for good reason. Don’t get me wrong - I think the old badge looks better, especially on the cars, but the rollout of the new one is certainly patchy, to say the least, but if what Scott says is right, I think it’s sending mixed messages about the brand to potential (big spending) customers. That said, if Geely want to bung me £10k I’ll happily change the Lotus clock on my garage wall for the new design of course 😂
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    What corrosion block is recommended please chaps? Alex i drove your s1 at Blyton (maybe when Chris had it, i can't remember) and absolutely loved the steering which is why i went for the quick rack.
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    A quick and intentionally scant update whilst i can still post on the topic 😕 I collected the Evora on Saturday and unfortunately a number of the items were not fixed (absolutely no criticism due to PJS, who couldn't have done more). It goes back to the supplying dealer on Thursday and come what may I wont be having it back. The defects from manufacturer are rather alarming, lightweight and handbuilt are not acceptable excuses for poor assembly, missing parts and lack of quality control. The lack of Lotus engagement compounds the sense of disappointment as a committed owner to the brand. My exige has sold, so no way I can have it back which adds a little to the frustration. I'll be back in a Lotus at some stage in future and perhaps a slightly older purchase that has had the issues ironed out.
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