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    Some you love, some you loose. Everyone bangs on about the 160 Elise but you couldn't give me one, the one I owned lasted just over 4 months, total crock of sh1t that I just couldn't get on with, then there are others that I'd have back in a heartbeat. I guess the fact that they are actually screwed together, rather than robot produced is some of the reason as it creates character, some good, some not so. I've had previous Lotus that have been nothing but trouble and feel for you, I hope they sort it for you and you can get the smile back. 👍
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    After nearly a year my 220 engine is still improving for economy and perceived feel, something to look forward too while you enjoy running it in!
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    Looks great, welcome to the Orange Team 👌
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    Yep that's the one. Hadn't seen the colour in person, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I'm glad I went for it!
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    Looks to me like you need to get your wheels sprayed black Dave
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    🤣 By way of explanation Leigh - my garden rubbish comment refers to the fact that Pete’s car is fondly known as the Wheelie Bin due to the colour....
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