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    I haven't canceled my order yet...
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    Dean, put me down for Matlock briefing and organising. Event setting up, Meet n great/ marshalling. I don't do Facebook any more, so no use with that side of it.
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    If at this stage you have not put it back up for sale 😂 Welcome and enjoy
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    Welcome Sorry if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs but remember this is rear wheel drive car with the engine over the rear axle. If you enter a corner too enthusiastically and then lift off the throttle mid corner it's akin to dabbing on the handbrake - possible to lose the back end and snap into a spin. These are fantastic handling cars but as Fish says, take it easy and learn the car
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    I've just bought my first Lotus, a 99 Lotus Elise S1 with just 20k miles on it. What do you wish someone had told you when you got your first Lotus? Hit me with your best advice, tips & tricks, and warnings!
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    Happy to manage and report on all the orders Dean, as per last year....sadly I too am rubbish with Facebook, don’t use it...
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    Excellent and important advice from Martin, as usual 😊 the footwells corrode away if you don't. Can we see a picture of it by the way please?
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    Welcome to MLOC. Make sure the rubber mats have been removed from the footwells..
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    They rattle they leak a Corsa Sri will beat you off the lights you will spend too much money on upgrades tyre pressures and fuel levels will become obsessions you will do a track day kids, mums and old guys will smile and point as you drive by. mloc will be your top pinned bookmark you will love driving and will find any excuse to take the long way home welcome to lotus ownership
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    Always good to have on record from a selling/buying angle PJS also print out a 'health check' list when they carry out a service so you have a paper copy of condition. And there's always something interesting in their workshop to have a look at too...
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    Might also be worth checking the toe links are all free and in good usable condition.
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    Footrest is a must too.... 😜
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    From where you are Gav at unit4 it's an easy drive and he is a great guy, he services mine every year I drive up from 10 miles south of Birmingham well worth it and he won't rip you off. As for the colour of your car great choice SNAP. (All you need now is all the optional white stone chips round the front.)
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    Heehee. No keeping the slk and still watching football. I'm looking on moving up to something. Not sure what. Any interested parties, drop me a PM.
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    It's been up a while as its photographed outside silverstone old building
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    If a short tenure and then getting your money back are your first priorities then you can't beat a cheaper S2 . Something sub £30K from a private seller would be ideal and help you to sell privately when ready. A £40K S3 is tempting but if you buy from the trade you won't get all your money back, you will probably lose £3-to-4K if you sell back to the trade and private sales are not easy, unless you are quite a bit cheaper than the trade offerings - i.e. £3-to-4K cheaper! If you can find a decent S3 on sale privately and at a good price then that's a different story - that orange CR looks very nice I don't know if you've driven any of these cars but the S2 and S3 are VERY different - you might find that once you've driven them your mind is made up which one you would prefer
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    Wish all Mlockers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, hope you all have fun maintaining and upgrading through the winter months and hope to see some of you out on Elisemadray runs in the Spring of 2019. Cheers Mike
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    Very best wishes to all for a merry Christmas and happy New Year
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    This is the car, one owner car, a member on here, absolutely immaculate, I can't stress how like new this is and was ceramic coated from new.
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    Nothing to do with Lotus. But any fans of "The Italian Job" will love this, I think it is brilliant, just about every major scene captured in 4 minutes and in Lego. https://brickset.com/article/17341/the-italian-job
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    I know of a nice signiture orange Club racer with less than 5k miles and has spent its life in a temperature controlled bubble..
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    Merry Christmas everyone I hope you and your family's have a great time and an even better New Year Cheers Ray
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    Merry Christmas everyone. Can't wait to have a proper catch up In the new year and get the Shardlow meets back on form every month.
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    Kieran, I think we both suffer from the same affliction. Not sure what it's called but I recognise it in your posts
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