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    Hi Guys, I've just joined the forum so thought I should say "Hi!". I am Joe, I have an Exige 410 Sport in Military Grey. It is my second Exige - the first being a black 350 Sport. I am 100% smitten with my 410 and hope to keep it for many years to come. I live in Northants on the Cambs/Rutland border and i am a life-long petrol head. I have a regular column in Absolute Lotus Magazine and i am a photo hawk on Instagram @jcxmig posting tons of pics of MIG 191 my beautiful 410. I also feature on the #MyLotus page richly filled with Lotus owner stories. I recently attended the C&M meet organised by Lotus Cars and was pleased to meet a bunch of guys who I had gotten to know a bit via Instagram and i guess some may well be on here too. I look forward to meeting more of you in due course. Cheers! Joe
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    Very nice. Or 131 of these for the same price 🤣
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    Hi All Thanks for all your feedback and as you suspected it was the battery, and thanks to Jonathan E a new battery was collected and fitted today! Here’s hoping that the weather will be good this Sunday so I can make up for the aborted drive last Sunday keep safe all Kevin
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    • Vehicle provenance documents and highly desirable Lotus collectables now available to Lotus owners worldwide • First recipient is a stunning 1981 Turbo Esprit, authenticated as Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s last ‘company car’ • UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher also drove it, further increasing its provenance • Recently acquired by Lotus, the Esprit will be restored and join the company’s collection (Hethel, UK – 10 August 2020) – Lotus is launching a new Certificate of Provenance programme, revealing the first recipient as a stunning and celebrated Turbo Esprit that was the final ‘company car’ of Lotus founder Colin Chapman. The 1981 model, which was also driven by UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during a visit to Norfolk, has recently been acquired by Lotus. Following a sympathetic restoration it will join the company’s collection. The new Certificate of Provenance is designed to appeal to owners of Lotus cars from any era. They could buy one for themselves or receive it as a gift from friends or family. It is delivered in a distinctive ‘For The Drivers’ Lotus presentation box, which contains: • The Certificate of Provenance – printed on premium paper, this provides a summary of the car’s details including the VIN, paint colour and specification. The certificate also notes the date on which the car completed its production at the Hethel factory and was passed to the Lotus sales team. • The Build Specification Letter – drafted using detailed vehicle information from the Lotus archive*, this document provides more in-depth information about the car, including its engine, transmission, standard features and optional extras. • A personalised letter to the customer signed by Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars, thanking them for their purchase and updating them on the transformation which is taking place at Lotus. The three documents are presented in a simple black envelope placed inside the presentation box. Beneath it is a selection of Lotus collectables, including an aluminium plaque engraved with the owner’s name and information from the Certificate of Provenance; a leather Lotus keyring; a carbon fibre bookmark featuring the brand’s nine most significant motorsport laurels; a presentation tin of four badges; and a Lotus ink pen. The Certificate of Provenance is available worldwide through Lotus retailers. In the UK it costs £170 + postage. Prices in other markets may vary. The 1981 Lotus Turbo Esprit has the UK registration plate UVF 464X and was first registered to Lotus on 1 August of that year. Its own Lotus Certificate of Provenance reveals it was allocated to company founder Colin Chapman for his exclusive use. Following Chapman’s death in December 1982, it was sold by Lotus in July 1983 and has been in private hands ever since, covering just 11,000 miles and regularly maintained. Finished in metallic Silver Diamond paint with ‘Turbo Esprit’ decals, the factory-fitted optional extras include a full red leather interior, air-conditioning and a Panasonic audio system integrated into the headliner. However, the specification is completely unique as it has several features added at the request of Chapman to improve his own driving comfort and enjoyment. These include power steering – it was the first Esprit ever to have this technology – plus modified and lowered suspension, modified brakes and BBS Mahle lattice alloy wheels. On 5 August 1981 the car was used by Chapman to promote the latest Lotus range to the then UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, when she toured Norfolk. After landing at Norwich Airport and talking to Chapman, she sat behind the wheel and drove it round the site’s private roads. Local media reported that she had said: “I was tempted to drive away in it.” Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars, commented: “What better way to launch our Certificate of Provenance than by showing how it has validated the celebrated history of an iconic and unique Turbo Esprit. The Lotus archive is a fully catalogued database of information and can provide a wealth of insightful facts on any Lotus car from any era. It’s the perfect gift for a Lotus owner anywhere in the world.” Speaking about the unique Turbo Esprit, he added: “This is an iconic and unique car from the Lotus back catalogue, personalised by our founder Colin Chapman and with a truly fascinating provenance. It deserves its place in our collection and we’re looking forward to showing it off.” *subject to availability
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    I just saw a post on Facebook by Scotty Scott about the Rutland Water drive last weekend - not far from me and I would have loved to have come along. So I signed up so as not to miss the next one. I used to have a M100 S1 - J460BRA, which was up for sale again 6 months ago at a dealer. I thought about it, but went for a 1969 +2 instead with a christopher neal roof chop. The back seats might be handy. More pics to follow - the first six months have been fun, but now the mechanicals are in tiptop shape the cosmetics are next. I also have a 2004 Mercedes CL500, which is about to go in favour of a more practical car (Mini Cooper)
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    my cat has been in the elise when the roof was off in the garage, and when I saw him there he jumped up and scrambled up the seat back and out, pulling threads in the upholstery on the way! Little b@st@rd!!
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    I spotted you 11 March . See post in “spotted”
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    Superb car Scot, I look forward to seeing you on a run out soon
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    Welcome mate, she's a beaut 😍
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    Thanks @MrWill. In the first six months it has had a new alloy rad, new alloy fuel tank (including a one way valve, otherwise fuel spills out of the filler!), CV driveshafts, LED exterior lighting, tyres and a stainless exhaust - so loads of invisible stuff. Next is a new roof, which won't be cheap, and a new dash to replace the homemade one. As the dash is coming out then I may as well rewire it too. You never really own an old Lotus, you just keep restoring it for the next owner!
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    That looks stunning, we need more classics in the club. Welcome to MLOC 👍
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    Great wheels Joe, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. If the cat in the picture is anything like mine, it’ll wait for the car to be spotless before walking over every panel with dirty paws. I honestly believe she aims to get every panel with the least steps. I actually found her sleeping in the passenger seat at the weekend, post wash. By the look in her eye and the speed of her movement, she know what was coming her way. Didn’t stop her curling up there 10 minutes later.😠
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    welcome to MLOC! The elan looks very nice 😊
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    Welcome to MLOC, Would be great to see you and your lovely Elan on a future run 👍
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    Fantastic car in a amazing colour welcome to MLOC 👍
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    Thx @Neilshannon27 I share 1 in 20 or 30 pics taken. I find if it take enough pics i manage to capture a few worth sharing.
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    Welcome mate, I have seen your car on tour on Instagram. Love car and you sure know how to take a picture. Be great to see you and your car at a meet one day. 👍🏼
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    Welcome Aboard Joe, if your want to Join a Run keep an eye on the events Thread, I look forward to seeing you and your car Cheer Ray ps Great Pic by the way
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    Hi Joe, welcome to MLOC. As soon as I saw the photo of your Exige I thought I've seen that car somewhere before and after reading on realised it was in Absolute Lotus. The Exige looks stunning in military grey and obviously worthy of a second glance from the feline fraternity by the looks of it 😄
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    Especially if he’s following you!
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    Thanks Ray. 2 sleeps to go though...a little over 36hrs to go.
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    You’ll need to remember where your car is first 😂
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    Looks good to me and neat. Could do with strapping some permanently to my wife’s car doors 😂
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    I don't know anything about them personally but there's plenty of info here... https://www.thelotusforums.com/forums/topic/91260-transforged-racing-afterburners-grp-halo-lights/#comments
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    New acquisition agreed with collection next Saturday. As it’s covered c300miles and described as new/mint my expectations are rather clearer than the last purchase attempt. For those like me who enjoy the geeky lotus build specs, for some reason this car has the door cards (arm rest/pocket) belonging to the Phil popham gt410 (or 400), yet it was built after the 400 ceased production and prior to the launch of the gt410🤔.
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    An Elise is ok in a garage, but an Exige really needs a padded cell! 🤣😂. Congratulations on your purchase. Great colour choice. Look forward to maybe seeing it one day.
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