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  1. All, It has been some time since I last updated the blog. All these years on, the little Lotus is still going strong. She is now 20 years old and looks and drives as good as ever. The love for this iconic car remains. My days of mods and getting under the car every weekend are over I think. I now simply enjoy the ownership experience and driving! Oh, I also do a little bit of polishing - just a little. This car is simply pure magic and medicine to all gloominess. 😁
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  2. This is a mod that I have been thinking about for a while now. Doing my research over the years, it seems that there several options out there, made from various materials, ranging from carbon fibre to plywood. Now, having choices is a good thing, but one thing I struggled with was the cost. Hence me trying to come up with a solution of my own. The Design I was keen to design something that looked good, looked functional ( you can never test these things unless you have a proper wind tunnel I guess) and given that this was to go on an S1, it had to look elegant and not over powering.
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  3. Like most folks who own these little cars, it sometimes ends up sitting in the garage for weeks on end, especially during the winter months. Traditionally, what I tended to do is lift up the front bonnet and connect a trickle charger every time I suspect that I am not going to be driving it for a while. This method works well, however it is a right pain in the back side as you would then have to pop the bonnet again, remove the terminal before driving the car out. Over the years I have toyed with various options, bought various connectors etc, considered an external port mounted on various
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  4. Time for more installations. As you may have noticed reading through the installation, I opted not to install an oil cooler and upgrade the standard radiator as part of the original installation. Apart from time, I really wanted to see whether or not the charger installation would work effectively without having the need to install these two elements - partly from a tech's point of view and cost. Thoughts on the installation After running the car for some months now and covering over 1,000 miles, it is now clear that the supercharger adds considerable amount of heat to the engine.
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  5. I removed the rear clam, I thought this would be quite a daunting task, but it was real quite straight forward othe than a couple of siezed bolts. I started following the guide on seloc but after 10 mins I soon realised that thier guide was based on a S1 so was'nt all that rellevant. I'm not going to start writing a step by step guide on how to remove the clam as It was over a month ago when I took it off! After taking the clam off I made a start on removing the exhaust then onto disconecting the wiring loom, I used masking tape to label up all of the conections as I came to disconect them. Af
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